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Too much swearing!!!

The show is well done and interesting, but I couldn't take more than 2 episodes because of the CONSTANT use of the f-word and other strong curse words. It seems to be cursing for cursing's sake. It does not add anything to the show and is way over the top. Does anybody (especially a 12 yr old) actually talk like that? If so, I hope I never meet them.

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Too much swearing
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age 16+

Great Show, but for Mature Audience Only!

I personally love time travel genres of any type unless they are just poorly written. This show does so many things well in creating each character and building on what is a new relationship for each of them from the very first episode as “Paper Girls”. My issue with this show is the pervasive and constant profanity as if that type of communication is normal in society, which it is not and I’m from that time period and came from a broken home like the character Mac and she is the only character that may use that language, except when a group becomes friends over time, like these 12 year old girls do, their typically is no need to put up the façade of the tough girl. The language is neither intelligent, doesn’t add to the show, will remove the seemingly targeted viewers of that age and a bit older, and it is not language that is allowed in Schools or in places of Business. The pervasive use of hard profanity in every episode keeps me from recommending this show to anyone under 16. If you go to IMDB and read reviews, you will see an immoral fan base that simply can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with their children watching the show just because of the profanity, but I do not believe those individuals have grown up yet or have Children to safeguard themselves.

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 12+

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Too much violence