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Rip off of Temple Run

age 5+

Eh. It’s ok, but becomes boring very quickly.

Nickelodeon has been releasing a lot of mediocre game shows in recent years. None of these game shows are bad per se, but they’re not very fun or memorable like some of Nickelodeon’s older game shows. In Paradise Run there’s only three teams and all of the teams are in the game until the very end, as in there’s no elimination; unlike in Legends of the Hidden Temple which had six teams and eliminated certain teams as the game progressed. I think having elimination makes the game more fun and challenging. The obstacles/challenges are almost always the same and aren’t very cool like the ones in Double Dare. And since the show is set outdoors on the beaches of Hawaii there’s no memorable sets/backgrounds like the ones on BrainSurge. I found it very odd that they don’t slime the winners at the end, which used to be a Nickelodeon game show tradition. They also don’t have any unique way to send contestants out of the game like the “Brain Drain” in BrainSurge or the “surf the web area” in WebHeads (WebHeads was also pretty mediocre but somehow it managed to be more memorable than this!) The grand prize is always some kind of tropical vacation and it’s briefly mentioned that the losers win something too simply for participating but it’s never actually said what exactly they won, which is really weird. If you’ve seen one episode of this show, you’ve basically seen every episode, since the prizes and obstacles are almost always the same and unlike in some other Nickelodeon game shows there’s always a winner, so you’re not on the edge of your seat wondering if someone will win the grand prize or not. I guess Paradise Run isn’t a bad show in itself, it’s just bland and forgettable, especially when compared to many of Nickelodeon’s older game shows. If you want a fun and memorable children’s game show then go watch Double Dare, BrainSurge or Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon or Family Game Night on Discovery Family. There’s no bad or questionable content. 5+
age 6+

Not the best

I like it sort often but sometimes it's a real bore. A minor copy of wipeout.

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i like there show