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age 10+

Weird mist in season 1 episode 1 that went unnoticed

So this isn't really a review this is more of something I think I found if you're watching season 1 episode 1 at exactly 31 minutes and 55 seconds there's a scene where one of the officers are talking to I guess you would call her spiritual lady and to the left of her it looks like a mist it starts to form I thought maybe it was the other cop smoking a cigar but I don't think they would smoke during investigations and it's right when they are pretty much talking to the deceased somebody check that out and let me and let know thank you
age 9+

This show is one of my favorites.I think in a short time it will be a hit.It is kicky and somewhat like the other shows I watch but a little more mature.I hope this stays around for awhile! sds

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