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Vapid reality contest reinforces shallow values.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byBigbillyboy September 25, 2012


Heh,this show needs to be renamed "Paris Hilton's My Braindead Show"! Yeah,it's THAT stupid!
Teen, 13 years old Written byAli J April 6, 2011


I don't know how this girl makes money. She doesn't do anything good for society and sits around all day while her 'mommy' and 'daddy' make money!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Kid, 11 years old December 11, 2009
I haven't seen the REAL show but I have the casting special.It looks like a good show but alot of innaporpiate stuff in it.On girl is kinda like half on top of a guy and bitting his "nipple"(i really didn't have a better word for this).The girl who claims she's both sexes is kinda strange and she acts really.....but most of the Girls(and boys) seem pretty cool though any of the "boys" are really like gay.Most of the language is bleeped so ya know it just depend on how you moniter what your kid watches.If you let them watch alot of stuff because you think their mature enough go ahead let them watch it but if your one of the kind of parents who makes sure their watching something respecful then watch out before you let your child watch this.

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Sexy stuff
Positive role models
Kid, 11 years old November 5, 2009

Disrespectful to some, not the best in quality, but ok

'My New BFF' is a show that I enjoy, but is it appropriate? No. Verbal Abuse between contestants and disrespect towards others not just from contestant to contestant but from Paris to contestant. The contestants are supposed to love Paris, but if Paris doesn't love them they are all ok with it. They admire an awful role model like herself, getting famous for nothing (except being an heiress) and then getting out of jail because of her money and fame. Consumerism, yep. It's obvious. Language: Of course. Many slurs that don't just SEEM disrespful, they are 100 percent wrong and mean. Drinking socially. Messages are awful. If Paris doesn't like you, you're gone. Doesn't that seem a tad shallow?

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Teen, 13 years old Written byvsquadcheer July 24, 2009

thats (not) hawt

funny to make fun of!! i watch it because its addicting and interesting. not because i think paris is my idol or anything...

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Teen, 14 years old Written bysilly_samsters February 11, 2009


This show is really good! I would try not to miss any of the episodes! It is about Paris Hilton and she goes on a search to see who has it to be her new best friend! Every week they have this game where each of the contestants compete and who ever one got to do something fun with Paris! This show also shows another side of Paris because all we see is this bad girl and when she really isent!
Teen, 13 years old Written byxxsk8teDCxx December 4, 2008

addicting to watch

this show is really fun to watch and after you have watched a few shows it is really hard to stop watching
Teen, 15 years old Written byCalciano355 December 2, 2008
It's a fun show and fine for kids who reconize that Paris is not really looking for a new best friend and that , while appearance is somewhat important, a friendship should be based on more than looks.