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age 16+

Media critics are pretty useless

The main review on this page has completely missed the point. I'm sure they would have appreciated it if there somebody put a chick in it and made her gay. Unless you're blind to the community reviews, you're just helping build the panderverse.

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Educational value
Great messages
age 14+

The review posted on the main page for this tv show overlooks the point and overall message of this show; that it is about mental health and the characters fight to overcome his depression.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 18+

Very depressing and dark

Very well done, don’t listen to the other reviews. Content isn’t 18+ like I put, but i day 18+ because of the darkness and depressing subject of the show. This show has a lot of details that are easy to miss, and is not for someone who is expecting high drama/action. The show shows the realistic side of would being a government agent is like. The character is suicidal, and endured severe depression throughout the show. However the show has deep messages through its music and characters. I put 18+ because someone who already struggles with stress and depression or feelings of sadness should not watch this, and teenagers are most vulnerable to mixed sad feelings. It’s a very dark and depressing scene and makes you feel sad and upset throughout the show, but shows the realistic side of life. As of content, the most violence is a couple flash back scenes of a bullet going through an innocent maids head with blood coming out in almost slow motion. And the main character defends himself by stabbing a guy in the face multiple times killing him, and one other scene of the character strangling another character but nothing graphic. Violence I give 3/5. Lot of used of f***, female watches poem on tv showing nude of back of woman, scene is very short, then full frontal nudity of a man in a police station showing his Gentile’s and everything(non sexual context). Removing the very dark and depressing theme from my age rating id say for a mature 15 year old. However I doubt a 15 year old would like this show, context is too mature and deep for teens to enjoy and understand. Highly recommend but not for everyone.
age 15+


Too hard to follow, way too obscure . The main character sings folk/country in every episode. The singing was enough to drive any viewer away. Watched one season, I kept thinking it would get better. It didn’t!
age 18+

Patriot is a smart, masterfully-constructed series

Though the humor is dark, the plotline is engaging and the characters well-cast. Highly recommend this series!
age 18+

Really excellent off beat humor but not for everyone, also sexual content

The review fails to mention that there is sexual content in the final episode. At 36:10 (in episode 10 of season 1) a character is briefly seen watching pornography. Some brief rear female nudity is seen. Later on in that same episode a character provides a distraction by walking into the police station completely naked. Full frontal male nudity is seen and lasts about 30 seconds starting at 49:26. An extremely high quality show. Extremely funny if it's your stile of humor. Not actually that dark or violent after the first episode.

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Too much swearing