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Educator Written bydarkster June 18, 2014

Definately a dreadful experience

I was genuinly shocked by the positive reviews given by viewers and most dreadfuly, by the critics. The show is a horrific mixture of charactets bound together by little imagination, mindblowing clichees and very, very poor acting. Wooden puppets would definately have played better parts. I strenuously obliged myself to watch the entire episode hoping that something real will happen, but who was i kidding?! I feel abused and disapointed by the false positive reviews most of you wrote and misslead me to watching this horrible waste of time. The end of episode was apocalyptic... Frankenstein... after vampire bites wrongfully mixed with Jack the Ripper and egyptian hyerogliphes?! Oh... i know who is missing! Well, it's the Wizzard of Oz and a pair of magical red shoes that might have helped me dissapear faster away from the tv screen. Eva Green and Timothy Dalton in thid kind of tv series? Ohhh... I feel sad for them and wish them better projects, cause worse there canot be. Hoping i was dreadfuly able to prevent others from making the mistake of watching this... horrific show, i end my cooment with a big yawn... Now i can RIP for the night... PS: i'm sorry i canot give a 0/10 score. This ranking value is worthy to add especialy for Penny Dreadful... it deserves the most dreadful score!!! With cheers!
Adult Written byelishapaul August 8, 2014

Love it

You'll love if too if you love gore and mystery , best horror show I've seen yet!
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