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Parent reviews for Peppa Pig

Common Sense says

Sweet pig family provides gentle lessons to preschoolers.
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Parents say

age 6+
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age 6+
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Adult Written byCitywatch May 19, 2012

Be careful!

The pigs in this show can be pretty rude. I let my 3 year old watch it fir a while and he turned into a terror! At first the snorting was kinda cute.. But the other things the pigs say and do are pretty bad.. A week after I cut him off we were back to normal...
Parent Written bynicole1 January 29, 2016

At first it was cute, but Peppa can be very bossy and rude.

My daughter (4) becomes quite bossy and rude after watching Peppa Pig. Her listening skills deteriorate and it takes a day or so before she is back to normal. Also, the name calling is inappropriate. There is an episode where the kids have a fort and Peppa Pig creates a password, "Daddy's fat stomach/tummy" that must be said before anyone is allowed to enter. Daddy pig does not want to say it because it makes him feel uncomfortable. But Mama pig laughs and says it to enter the tree house, which forces Daddy pig to go along with it. I let her watch the rest of the episode hoping for a positive lesson. Instead, I ended up going over the scenes with my daughter explaining that this secret password to get into the tree house was not funny but mean and disrespectful. I prefer other shows such as: Wallykazaam, Team Umi Zoomi and Bubble Guppies.
Parent of a 3 year old Written byJacobEH April 20, 2016

Cute but with bad role models

Too much verbal agressions and bad role models. Peppa is disrespectful with her parents, and almost all the episodes have some kind of contempt for Peppa's father. There are many other better choices for the same age.

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Parent of an infant and 2 year old Written byangelrivas March 27, 2016

Daddy Pig is Homer Simpson?

Please, this series shows a Dummy Daddy.
Parent of a 2 year old Written bySydney T. September 5, 2017

Parents enable rude child...

Honestly, I've never been the type of mom to obsessively monitor every single thing my son hears or sees. He'll be exposed to everything at some point or another. But this show threw me for a loop. The main character is so rude and downright ugly towards other characters that are supposed to be friends. And the parents do absolutely NOTHING! I sat and watched the show pretty passively with my son one day, and I didn't think to really watch it because every parent I know says their kid is obsessed with it and it's SUPER adorable. Frankly, after passively watching more episodes than I care to admit, I started noticing some behaviors that I would have definitely not tolerated if my son were to act that way. I watched some more episodes after my son went to bed that night and I didn't see a consistent pattern of noticeable consequences to the negative actions. I mentioned it to my brother and my friends who have children that frequently watch the show. They were all pretty stunned that they hadn't really noticed how the show doesn't clearly or even vaguely outline the negative actions as generally unacceptable. I support shows that have characters that aren't always nice and that make mistakes or have bad days, but they also should show how it can lead to some sort of consequence and ideally teach lessons to the young audience on what they should do differently. ESPECIALLY if the show's target audience is at a stage where they're learning the most about effective and acceptable social interaction.
Parent of a 2 and 3 year old Written byMommyPig January 30, 2013

My Family Loves Watching Peppa Pig!

I think Peppa Pig is a great show. My 2 and 3 year old daughters watch it and sometimes the whole family watches it. We even sometimes act as the characters and talk with a British accent. I find the show to be cute, cleaver and thoughtful. p.s. We love when the pigs fall on the floor laughing!

This title contains:

Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 4 and 6 year old Written bynichaloush March 26, 2015

love it

its really funny and good for kids
Adult Written byTaximan68 March 25, 2016

As an austrailian...

It told my kids that spiders are no harm!
Parent of a 3 and 3 year old Written bySalviati January 5, 2014

Simply Brilliant

Peppa Pig is a great show for parents. The show is really funny shining a light on a lot of circumstances that parents find themselves in. The men in the show are buffoons who are always undone by their overconfidence, the women in the show are the unsung heroes, its hilarious.
Parent Written byCharity F. July 31, 2017

NOT a positive influence. Peppa is a BRAT!

No one says "I love you" or "I forgive you". Apologies for Peppa' s truly appalling behavior are grudgingly offered. She's a bossy, disobedient, unkind brat. Sure it's cute when your child develops a British accent, but the tyrannical behavior that emerges later is just not worth it. I completely disagree with this site's review. I also feel that there is a significant amount of consumerism involved in the show. Many shows revolve around some new thing someone has purchased to solve a problem, not to mention the ridiculous number of Peppa toys that the into the show. Peppa talks to her parents distespectfully in almost every episode. She is demanding of her grandparents and her friends. She treats her brother terrible most of the time, too. That little piggy in on the BBQ at our house.

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Parent of a 4 year old Written bynjgheewala December 29, 2015

Even entertains the adults

I really love watching Peppa Pig with my daughter. The message is great and there is never any tantrum thrown when things don't work out with Peppa. The family always seem to talk things through - the only negative could be is that they may be too laid back about things.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 5 year old Written byinesdeportugal November 3, 2012

Great for preschoolers

My 5 year-old daughter loves it. It is the sort of cartoon I know I can leave her alone watching, no need to worry about violence or inappropriate content for her age. The noise the pigs make once in a while, well, it's pig noise, children find this funny. I find it curious how people tend to forget when they were this age, and review innocent cartoon saying they are boring. Of course I wouldn't chose Peppa Pig to have great entertainment for myself, isn't it obvious? My child choses it. And she laughs a lot watching it - and I do to, since what makes her happy, makes me happy.

This title contains:

Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 2 year old Written byStormMan August 14, 2013


Well we love this show we hope it gets a Season 5 we have seen every episode mostly on Youtube USA Nick JR well we are have not aired all Season 4 episode but we have seen them on Youtube.

This title contains:

Educational Value
Adult Written bymumof2 April 18, 2012

Good, family fun

It's one of the best educational programmes on that your kids will love!

This title contains:

Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 3 year old Written byMandiJdeR December 22, 2016

Nothing but bad manners

We've had to remove Peppa Pig from my daughter's screen time, the show was doing nothing but turn her into a brat with no manners. Peppa isn't just bossy, she's a bully, she has to be the star and is always saying negative things to her family and friends. George constantly cries to get his own way; my daughter realised this and tried it out for 2 weeks straight. Daddy Pig is always getting teased about his appearance and eating habits, numerous times on the show you see them picking on him. I'd much rather my child watch 'Kate and Mim Mim', 'Thomas the Tank Engine', or 'My Little Pony' than this.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byLiomarys R. July 18, 2017

Teaches bad manners

Even a Harvard study proved this. There are no positive values in this show. Pepa is very rude to her friends. She hangs up on them, yells, ignores her parents, lies etc. I was previewing for my child and decided to NOT let her watch. Daniel Tiger Neighborhood offer a much more positive message and would recommend over Pepa in a heartbeat.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byrainbowgirl2475 April 30, 2016


These morning i was watching peppa pig with my son and to my surprise i saw the mom and the dad drinking while on vacation. I know it was just one episode but children's shows should not have drink in it.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 1 and 6 year old Written byBarneyTheDinoRocks March 17, 2017

Very good show

This show is amazing. It's about a cute little pig and her baby brother that have great habits. Good intro, master animation, amazing details.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 3 year old Written byVicky T. February 24, 2018

As it progressisses it gets even more annoying.

When my little one started watching Peppa I thought we were lucky she liked a show that was descent, educational, non violent, easy on the eye and with likable characters. Yet after a while we started noticing some disturbing signs on her behavior. Our little one was becoming less patient, more crankier, more easily crying and throwing tantrums over unimportant things. Which was getting any better with the usual talk and listen technique. So one day sitting on the couch watching Peppa with her, it hit me. 10 minutes in the show and she started whinnying for no apparent or obvious reason other than the George character was doing the same. On the second episode in she was throwing her toys around the room because she wasn't happy with her toys and she was being aggressive when I mentioned that this behavior isn't really a good one to have. After this I started linking the episodes of "bad" behavior with the Peppa episodes. So we decided to cut off Peppa for a month and see how it goes, and the verdict was that the weird behavior went away and she become more stable in her feelings and how she expressed them. I will not badmouth the series, as I believe that it's up to the parents to choose what their child should be exposed to, yet discussing the matter with other parents they agreed experiencing the same. I think that we will continue on not having Peppa around the house because of her strong influence. Maybe the show will be better experienced once the little one hits 5 or maybe 6 where she'll be more susceptible in understanding that others have a certain behavior we do not need to copy. There are other shows better equipped for her emotional and psychological growth. Tig and Leo is one Bjorn and Bucky another, they're talking about friendship, making mistakes, correcting them, making brave choices, realizing you're not always right.
Adult Written byDavid T. January 16, 2017

Peppa Pig is a Big Hit in our House!

In terms of overall engagement, this show is probably the one I've seen my daughter engage with the most. She laughs out loud and I'm pretty sure her calling me daddy nonstop is due to Peppa. The episodes are short which is perfect for a young viewer just getting used to following a story. It also helps that this family has 4 members just like ours and that - like my daughter - Peppa is a big sister to a younger brother. We started slowly and have only purchased the first two seasons but I suspect we will own them all before too long.