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Good show but it can be a tear jerker

This show is phenomenal despite changing the art style. There is a 2 part episode (ep 20-21 to be exact with 21 being the culprit) that deals with the on screen death of an elderly dog Pokemon and it's greiving cat Pokemon friend. In episode 21 the dog Pokemon called Stoutland is sickly and it's worried cat Pokemon friend Litten seeks help from Ash who rushes the elderly and sickly Stoutland to the Pokemon center which is the Pokemon version of the veterinarian. They hook the poor creature up to life support. You then see in a later scene where the hospital bed is empty and the Litten is snuggled against the old Stoutland who then fades away with the Litten crying in grief as it's friend is now gone. Litten then becomes over come with grief and refuses to eat and leave it's couch where it used to live with Stoutland. It only snaps out of its deppression and grief when it accepts Ash as its friend and see's the outline of its dead friend in the clouds. I will note that it's symbiotic when it depicted being with Litten when Stoutland dies, as the Pokemon dies in the hospital and not next to Litten, but the fact is that the episodes deal with the heavy topic of death and it will definitely make small children and even grown up fans cry (I know I cried watching it and I'm 30). Otherwise it's a light hearted show but just be careful of these 2 and especially the 21st episode. It could be used as a great conversation starter for losing a loved one and the importance of being a good friend to someone who loses another or even how you should accept the help of friends and how good friends should be there for each other. Also I will answer the question about consumerism and selling toys through a series like this. Most cartoons have merchandise associated with it so consumerism to me based on the quality of the show selling the product. Shows that are toy commercials that don't do a good job marketing to it's audience and don't have any good qualities to make up for it are higher consumerism and low rated. I say that Pokemon as a whole adverages at 4.3 stars and 3.7 consumerism. There's plenty of good things about this. The only drawback is the fantasy based violence against the Pokemon creatures that can look like anything and everything and not just cuddly animals (there's sludge monsters, swords, magnets, ice cream cone, and other weird things). There are themes of kindness and helping others and there's always the bond that the characters share with their friends. There's times when *bad guys" help the hero and vice versa. The naughty cat Pokemon Meowth actually helps Litten despite one being a self proclaimed bad cat. And of course there's always a sense of optimistm and good sportsmanship as Ash is rarely ever upset about losing (he only gets angry in the 20th movie that I have ever seen recently because he loses to a cruel trainer named Cross). All in all the show as a whole has stayed solid in quality storytelling and the teaching of good morals if you look closely at it.

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Too much consumerism
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The best of the best

This is my favorite season of Pokemon and I really love the way their friendship is and the pokemon there are so adorable and I really have a great time watching it you will not get bored because every episode you must watch and everything about this season is so much fun and adventure

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Great messages
Great role models
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The Masked Royale and Incineroar is still better than WWE

Parents need to know that one episode is banned in the U.S.A. because Ash/Satoshi disguises his face to look like the Pokémon Passimian. There are some frightening scenes that may be too much for young children such as The Masked Royale's Incineroar falling on Faba, almost crushing him to death. Other than that, this anime series is okay for children 6 and older. It is available on Disney XD on Demand and on the channel. It is usually paired up with Beyblade Burst Turbo and Inazuma Eleven Ares on Saturday mornings, and Beyblade Burst Turbo on weekday afternoons. It was formally paired up with Yo-kai Watch until November 2018.

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Too much violence