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Another ruined 80s franchise

Please, stop ruining 80s franchises. First Pac Man and now POUND PUPPIES. Though, at least the Pound Puppies reboot is somewhat watchable but the Pac Man reboot is so bad I want to burn it from existence. Anyways, the problem with the Pound Puppies reboot is that none of the original characters are in it. No Holly, No Cooler, no nothing. It's all totally different and completely unrelated to the original. The only thing left from the original is that they are still helping puppies get adopted, but without Katrina trying to stop them. The villains are what made it fun! Now its boring and so stupid. Niblet is also annoying. Squirt and Cookie are jerks, Lucky is not Cooler, and the only good character is Strudel. Also, the Super Secret Pup Club exists for no reason at all and is just there to annoy you. Mr McLeash is a negative influence, and he mistreats his assistant. The puppies they are trying to adopt are usually annoying and total jerks as well. This show is not pleasing. Please stop trying to bring back 80s franchises because clearly it's not working. Just stick with the originals, please, and avoid these downprovements at all costs. (and yes I did just make up that word)

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Too much consumerism
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not that bad
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Not To Bad

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Another great accomplishment for The Hub!

How can ANYONE not like this show?! It has great animation and pretty good voice acting! The only negative thing about it is that sometimes it rips-off Martha Speaks (which is a GREAT show).Other than that this show is excellent.