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For skeptical parents, both with positive and negative points

Hi Families, Pointy Here. I have watched this TV show and there really isn't anything wrong with it. 1) It's not a real TV show, more like a realty show or a game show. Disney stars pose a normal people or are disguised while they interact with their biggest fan. Hints the name Prank star. 2) The only thing you might want to watch out for is what the star (celebrity) stands for. 3) Some positive reasons why to watch it? Well if your child likes a certain Disney star this is a way to find out the true person. If you don't like Disney Channel or Disney XD then you might want to watch the episodes before hand and decide if you want your child to take the chance of being influenced by these people, but this G rated show is very safe. I personally don't care for what Disney Channel and Disney XD provide their viewers. Though some of their shows are good. For more Reviews like this one look for my name at the top or bottom of the review for whatever movie, book or TV show you are looking up. ~Pointy

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Great messages
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Prank stars

it builds relationships between children and parents

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Great role models
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Not worth it

I found the show boring and idiotic. The pranks aren't good.I'm 17 though so maybe young kids would like it.
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Fan Meeting Their Idol is Great but the Prank Not so Much.

I watched the two episodes (excluding Selena Gomez part) and so far I don't really like it. The kids who are being pranked are encouraged to lie and do whatever it takes to impress their celebrity. Mitchell Musso encourages a young man to pretend to be his best friend, Adam Hicks makes someone impersonate him on the radio, Debby Ryan pretends to be sick, and China Ann just acts off the wall. Overall, I really hate the lying aspect. Mitchell Musso also gives off a weird vibe, almost dark and it's a different energy than most are used to from him. Overall, the show doesn't provoke many laughs, and the adult actors can get kinda mean. The only nice part of the show is the ten seconds when the fans get to meet their fav star, but then after that ALL downhill.