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Don't Bother

The show got me hooked up for episode 1 to 8. I show a lot of growth for each chef. But the final episode, the judging was somewhat like they vote someone to win becuase of "sympathy" and "politics". I thought this show is about skills, creativity and innovation inside the kitchen. But in the end, it is all about drama, alliance, politics and comfort. Don't bother watching it. I gave it a thumbs down because the show is not fair. Giving the judging to so called friends. Fairness is thrown out of the window.
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age 16+

Turning culinary art into popularity contest

This show isn’t about food. It’s about relationships… I was very excited to watch this show but I ended up extremely disappointed. It was VERY clear who should have won and I hate this show for turning the love for food and culinary art into a popularity contest. I will not watch another season. They did the contestants dirty and this show is a disgrace to the culinary world.
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age 9+

Unfortunate Series

Diverse contestants: great! But, It really was never truly about cooking, but rather, how one could manipulate another human being in order to eliminate him/her to advance. Seriously, shameful. Is that what we’re all about today? Contrived, artificial, sad.
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age 2+

Does not convey the right message in an already unjust world

I was hooked from episode 1 to episode 8. The final episode however was the definition of an anticlimax experience. Don’t make a show about food, but the winner is voted because he cries all the time and people feel sorry for him - he served raw steak on a 100 000 dollar challenge, vs a competitor that was consistent throughout the show with his cooking, supported and lead a whole team in a challenge, and was nothing but transparent throughout the show. Don’t watch this show! My biggest mistake of 2023. Mike, you should have won.