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age 13+

Just don't.

This movie, web series, whatever it was, was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Fifteen minutes into I was so weirded out by it I turned it off. The acting was awkward, the writing was probably the strangest I've ever seen, and literally five minutes in someone has already been referenced as killing themselves due to bullying. Characters have escaped from insane asylums, and that probably the least weird thing that happens. Don't subject yourself to this.
age 14+


Rubbish compared to books, completely different story line from book and doesnt do book any justice at all. I watched it all and the whole time i was thinking, its so much better in the book, the tv show does not do anything right compared to the books, I advise reading the books, and not the show - the show is complete nonsence and COMPLETELY and i mean 90% of the characters werent in it, 90% of the settings and places were different, 90% was completely different stories and 90% of the things that happened in the book didnt happen in the film
age 14+
love this!
age 14+
I love this series, you dont want to put it down (; I finich it in a day that's how good it was(: But i kid under the age of 13 shouldnt read it is more for13 and up