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age 8+

Has become a , "Designers assassin's fest.".

Designers aren't as skillful as in much younger episodes, the judges will never give approval on finals, simply isn't any to give. Judges are inconsiderate in misleading runner up, only to finish up with. "Your out".
age 16+

Dildos and Nipples

As a parent, I think you should base your decision on when it’s appropriate for your child to watch designers use fabrics that include dildos and nipples on them. And in which they talk endlessly about dildos and nipples. I’ve been watching PR with my 10 year old for over a year and been okay with the bleeped out language and some more adult themes that could require a discussion, like homosexuality. But this was a little over the edge for me to watch with my elementary-age child. So, do with this info as you will.

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Too much sex
age 12+

Great for inspiring creativity

This is great for creative kids. For a reality tv show, they mostly keep the drama pretty low keep and focus more on fashion and artistic talent.
age 2+

Was Better With Michael Kors

Zac Posen makes me want to eradicate an entire endangered species using solely a Macy's mannequin hand

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Too much sex
age 7+

Good for kids interested in fashion who have an adult to watch/talk with

This is a fun show for kids who like fashion, and who like to watch people make clothes. Mild bad language. Some competitors are good sports and some are bad. Starts lots of conversations about what it means to talk behind other's backs, how to criticize the art and not the artist. Lots of commercial placements, some of them so tenuously related to fashion, it's funny. Tim Gunn is a great role model. Contestants are from all over, all ages and backgrounds, and all different styles of work. I saw that the main review of this calls out the models being undressed: they aren't gratuitously undressed, they're doing a job which requires putting on clothes.

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Great role models
age 17+

The Show Needs to Keep It's Language and Content Clean and Safe for All Audiences.

On 5/7/2011, Project Runway was shown on a U.S. TV station. In one episode, a woman contestant points her open scissors at the camera, and says something like: "In the next competition, I'm gonna cut his little_____ off." The subject that she is pretending to destroy is an area of another contestant's body. Her language and subject matter, is language that is not appropriate for kids under 17. The censors of this show should not have allowed kind of language on the show. Language like that is only appropriate for: people over 17, or for shows that have a rating of: adult, 17+, or R or not rated/X rated/rated Mature. I like the show, it is a show that is good at showing people in the fashion industry. The show also has fun competitions, but I feel that we need to keep [TV language and TV content appropriate], on TV shows that are rated and designed for all audiences, and TV shows that are rated for kids who are 16 and under.

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Too much swearing
age 13+