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Obsessive crush borders on stalking. No, thanks.
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Adult Written byVanvanroo February 9, 2020


Lemme get the positive critique in first;
The art is cute, the characters themselves are cute, and the secondary cast are pretty interesting and I love whenever they're on screen

Ok, now that this is out of the way, here's why I gave it a low rating.
You have to understand that kids learn from what they watch, especially the ones who can't quite separate fiction from reality (and even then, I've seen adults act out the way characters in movies do).
Pucca is a stalker, there's no other way to say it. If you genuinely think she's "just a girl with a crush", imagine what would happen if you switched the genders. "A guy who manipulates, follows and forcibly kisses and hugs a girl who genuinely doesn't want anything to do with him and visibly is very uncomfortable whenever he's physical with her." If you think that is creepy, but that the actual thing isn't, you got some serious double standards you should re-evaluate.
I'm disappointed that people think this is a good show for kids. The art is cute, sure, but the message it shows to kids is that it's okay to stalk your crush, as long as nobody calls you out on it, because they'll eventually fall for you (or something like that.) Yes, other shows have done this trope, but most of the time, the character ends up learning that what they're doing is bad.
Pucca doesn't learn that.
Adult Written byJongSoon22 June 10, 2020

Don't bother even thinking about watching this show.

Stalking 100% of the time and teaches you how to stalk someone and force them to love you.

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Adult Written bynduns July 18, 2016

So... it's okay when Loony Tunes does it, but it's horrible when this show does it?

First off, there are people in real life who act like that towards their crushes, especially at that age. Yeah, it's not a good way to act, but at the same time, it's meant to be funny. We're not supposed to learn from Pucca's behaviour. And even then, she is shown to be a very good friend to many others, so I don't see the issues here. I feel like this is another case of you guys taking a show too seriously. I'll admit, I don't this is one of the most fantastic shows out there, even by slapstick comedy standards, but it's still fun for what it is.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJason Tam April 4, 2020

Creepy stalking and creepy faces

this will most likely give your kids nightmares

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 6-year-old Written bycourtney_russell August 11, 2011

from a kid

it is pretty good

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAnimeheart August 10, 2011

Cute and Funny

Pucca: Sooga Super Squad is cute, sweet, fast paced, silly, hilarious and over the top. Episodes are about 7 minutes long. The child-like brightly colored animation is appealing to all ages. 10 year old Pucca lives in Kung-Fu Sooga village where everything is done with Kung-Fu. The village is peopled with quite the cast of characters (many stereotypes) and happens to be where Santa lives during his off time. Sooga village also has a guardian spirit, Master Soo, who lives with his maidens in the sky above (and talks with a cheesy Jewish accent). Pucca is the niece of the village chefs and her quest is to make the ninja boy Garu her boyfriend. Pucca is constantly tying to kiss Garu, but Garu is too busy practicing Kung-Fu and defeating his arch-enemy, or running away and hiding from Pucca! But if Garu is in trouble, then watch out! Pucca will protect him come what may! Neither Pucca nor Garu speak, but they manage to express their feelings clearly. This is family friendly fun. Even adults can get a kick out of some of the hilarious spoofs. There is lots of silliness, fantasy violence, fantasy kung-fu and an inept plotting arch-enemy for Garu. In a strict interpretation Pucca might be viewed as a giggling stalker, but it is supposed to be light hearted cuteness. One episode should let you know whether it is your cup of tea or not.
Adult Written byMicRP June 10, 2020

Oh my god


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Violence & scariness
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Adult Written byFanboy2 April 11, 2020
Adult Written byDragonMaster64 May 10, 2019

I politely disagree with the other adults in this website

this show is one of the best shows ever to exist on this planet; ever since I first saw this show I instantly knew that it was pretty funny. I think that the characters are really elaborate and very fluently depicted; as you continue to watch the show you can see that its story is solid and the main character is one of the most efectively depicted character and it is one of the most charismatic of the show. Overall I think that this show is great for kids of all ages and that the other adults that disagree should ask their kids what they think about the show since the review from the kids is really different from the adults point of view.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 2, 4, and 10-year-old Written byadryx2019 April 26, 2019
boring and meaningless cartoon, quite silly. could entertain a boy or girl between 6 and 9
Parent of a 12-year-old Written byIsabelle S. September 10, 2017

Amazing and adorable!

This show was my CHILDHOOD. I used to binge watch this show on Netflix as a young child. The character Pucca is obsessed with another character, but that never ruined my childhood or anything. Super cute, not bad for your kids to watch!
Parent of a 7 and 11-year-old Written byderbymom September 10, 2011

I don't agree with CSM on this one

Pucca is not for everyone but we love it. My 7 year old and 11 year old girls both have fun watching it. I don't find anything inappropriate in it and even like watching from time to time myself. This show is ON for ages 7-14!