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Horrid Message

Looking back on this, it was so messed up. The Rainbow Fish is a story about "friendship". See, rainbow fish are one of the most beautiful fish in the world, because of their dazzling scales, and so he minds his business, perfectly content in his beauty. Until one day, this tiny bluefish that the rainbow fish doesn’t even know finds the audacity to ask the rainbow fish to freely give the literal part of himself that he is most proud of and what makes him a unique individual for absolutely nothing in exchange. So like any sound-minded fish with healthy boundaries, he says get lost to the little bluefish, but apparently, that makes him a jerk, so the little bluefish goes around spreading rumours, and now no one wants to talk or be friends with the rainbow fish, so the rainbow fish goes to the octopus, the most trusted advisor in the ocean who tells him the only way he will ever be happy is if he gives away all of himself to everyone else so they will like him and he does the end.
age 2+

Terrible Message

According to Rainbow Fish, it's okay to hate and shun others because they have more than you have, and they have to give you some of their looks/money/smarts, etc., otherwise, you won't be their friend.
age 14+

best class

i really think this cool educational

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