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Adult Written byIngrid922 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byfunnygirl April 9, 2008

Positive Portrayal of Mental Illness

Despite everyone's references to the murder victims' as "ghosts," Michael Raines is hallucinating, not channelling dead people. He is able to turn this disability into a tool that helps him work through the crime, but there is nothing paranormal about his abilities. Raines is a mentally ill police officer coping with his disorder. The show does a good job of portraying both the struggles and benefits of such an existance. This is an important lesson that I am disappointed no one else has picked up on. Kids, and adults, need to see mentally ill people who are heros, not villians or victims.
Adult Written bymontalvo13 April 9, 2008

Jeff Goldblum as Raines

For starters, I like their cast. This show wouldn't be Raines without Jeff Goldblum. The Sarcastic, witty and intelligent Raines makes this show worth watching. His vivid imagination runs away with him everytime he sees a victim's body. He is limited to what he knows and sees, as he finds out more about the victim the "ghost" personality developes and he pieces the murder mystery in his 3rd eye together faster and more interesting than Agatha Christie! Spite the rumors of its cancelation, I will continue to watch.
Adult Written byLorij! April 9, 2008

The newest show I've watched so far...

I was taken in from the very first episode and continue watching to this day. My son is also a fan of the new show.
Parent of an infant, 3, and 11 year old Written bygrahamandheather April 9, 2008

Smart but serious

Jeff Goldblum is excellent in this show. It is very clever and smart, but I would never let my kids watch it because the topics are much too dark.