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The good stuff * Messages: The underlying message of the show is that restaurant owners should work hard and constantly strive to do better. The series offers some insight into what goes into running an outstanding restaurant. The show favors family-run eateries over chains. * Role models: Ramsay’s comments can be harsh, but they are offered in the context of creating a better dining experience for the customer and building a better business for the restaurateur. Many of the restaurants featured are family owned and run, and demonstrate a commitment to clients. What to watch out for * Violence: Arguing and yelling frequently breaks out in the kitchen. The competition is often referred to as a “war”. * Sex: Not an issue. * Language: Words like “a-s,” “s--t,” “piss,” and other strong language audible. Curses like “f--k” are bleeped. * Consumerism: Local British eateries are competing in the challenge. * Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Wine and other alcoholic beverages are served during meals and/or used as ingredients. Chefs and assistants are seen smoking after the service is over.

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Too much swearing