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Why though?

Xx_BulletModez_xX signing in. Do the writers of Pixter actually think bullying is funny, entertaining kids stuff? Because watching this movie feels like the writers legit thought that while writing this. If you want to make your Mousse, here are the steps. First, make the writing and plot EXTREMELY LAZY. Then use the same animation style as Ivan the Incredible. The plot is about a mouse named Hemmy wants to perform in the restaurant kitchen, but oh no! The big bad chef is trying to stop him! Then make some insufferable comedy including saliva jokes, poop jokes, fart jokes and booger jokes. Then add in a mean-spirited layer that includes adults mocking a young chef named Chowder Fettuccini for having a mouse in his hat. Now you'd think THAT'S why Fettuccini is a bully right? Wrong. He was a bully before that. Anyways, the mean spirit also includes Fettuccini beating out of Hemmy, the big bad chef kidnaps a dog, locks a little boy in an abandoned building, ties mice against a windmill and a scarecrow (no one dies), and Hemmy blows his nose in a little girl's tissue. Also, Fettuccini is held at gunpoint! At least the acting is OK, but this movie is terrible. Don't watch it! It's bad. Go watch Pixar's Ratatouille! This is way better than Pixter's Mousse!