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Not Even Mediocre

Nickelodeon imported YouTube, with Fred, AwesomenessTV and Breadwinners, Then they imported the Fine Bros Kids React with React to That, They ruined it by making it even stupider than the original, Yet Nick doesn't realize that React to That had some language and bathroom humor, Yet it's horrible to watch and not even mediocre, it's WAY below that and everyone be glad that it got cancelled, but React to That was a dumb thing to air.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
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Is nickelodeon this desperate?

I used to love nickelodeon. Pre-2005 Spongebob and Fairly odd parents, Hey Arnold, and Rocko's modern life were the shows I grew up on. They are classics that aged great, and still could be enjoyed today. But somewhere down the line the major kids networks decided to ditch cartoons for crap like this. While the other networks (cartoon network and Disney) started giving us great content again. Nick never revived itself. I am convinced that nickelodeon's writing staff are brain-dead because they have been fishing online for new shows. First they gave us the absolute abomination known as the Fred show. Then breadwinners. Now this. Don't get me wrong, the original Kids, Teens, Elders react is decent. It's fun to see people react to certain viral media. But that's an 8-minute show on youtube that has a certain charm to it. This is a 24-minute show produced by a multi-million dollar company. The reason this show angers me to no end is there is no original content, They are taking someone else's content and just having kids watch it, that's it. I thank god this show was canned after 12 episodes. Because this cancer need to die. I have lost all faith that nickelodeon will ever produce good original content. Because crap like this makes money. I wish I could give 0/5 stars