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Family comedy finds laughter in trying situations.
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Adult Written byMatt B. February 23, 2019

A family show

This is a good family comedy.
Adult Written byTabatha M. January 19, 2018
I love this show i think its so funny and really cute i love everyone for there own different reasons and they are all so very funny in there own ways. The only thing i didnt like was around the end when Barbara Jean lost all her weight and became skinny shes still funny but shes mean now, shes a Bitch and i hate to say it like that but its true Barbara Jean was never mean she was very funny and ditzy she still is ditzy just not as much she's definitely different now I really really loved the old her..
Adult Written byMrCrocodile April 29, 2013

What I Really Love About This

What I really love about this compared to other shows like this is it is actually funny, even though the show teaches you things and even the consequences of a bad choice like Reba's daughter getting pregnant at an early age, it doesn't feel like a drama like the 90's shows that did the same thing. I saw balance with this show with comedy and learning lessons. And I'm not a fan of "sitcoms" that fill the roles of a parents' job but I love Reba and the whole Hart family and Barbara Jean especially!
Adult Written byshashabel9 June 25, 2011

Barbra Squarepants and Rebaward

Barbra Jean is like Spongebob and Reba is Squidward! LOL

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Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 14-year-old Written byTsion June 4, 2010
REBA was on for six seasons, from 2001 to 2007, but somehow I had never seen it. I caught it on cable a while ago and was instantly hooked. REBA is a show that is truly family-oriented. It's always hilarious and laugh-out-loud hysterical, but also touching and inspiring. But, that's not to say that there are some issues with it.
The main plot of REBA is about how Reba's (Reba) dysfunctional family barely functions after she divorces from her husband Brock. As their marriage was deteriorating, Brock had an affair with Barbra Jean, a co-worker, that resulted in pregnancy. So, he divorced Reba and marries Barbra Jean. However, the three still live in a close, happy existance, and no pain or regret from the divorce is ever shown. Brock is still close to Reba, and Reba and Barbra Jean are friends. Also, Reba's daughter is pregnant out of wedlock at 17, and ends up marrying her boyfriend Van out of necessity (because he fathered her child.) Thus, some of the overriding themes in REBA are as such: Have an affair or get pregnant out of wedlock, because you can either: 1.) Get a divorce, or 2.) Get married, and live happily ever after in a big happy family. Make sure your kids are mature enough to separate this fiction from reality before they watch. On the other hand, the individual characters in REBA care about each other and sacrifice for each other (after the preliminary affairs and cheatinig that have no apparent side effects.) There is also some slapstick humor and some innuendo. REBA is a great show for the family, but make sure kids are mature enough to realize that it fantasizes divorce and pregnancy.

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Positive role models
Parent of a 14-year-old Written byChrissy_16 July 25, 2009

Great show

I ove this show, I watch it evryday.

It is a cute comedy, nothing "questionable", except for in th beginning episodes.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byaddie_123 April 9, 2008


This is a good show, it's hilarious!
Adult Written byShanStacy April 9, 2008

It keeps me rolling!

I love this show. It made me sad that it ended. I'm looking for the DVD's of each season. My whole family loves it too. Don't much like the BJ in the beginning, but when the producer changed so did BJ. The relationship between Reba and BJ is odd, but hilarious. I watch it daily. It is my "unwind" show.
Adult Written byaecdoglover April 9, 2008

Good Family Show!

Reba is a good family show. It takes place in Houston, Texas with Reba as the main character. Reba is a good show for all ages although some episodes may contain material not for children under 10.
Adult Written byda_cool_mamma April 9, 2008


Wow - why did this show get cancelled? It is hilarious! It's O.K for kids 12 or 13 [and up, of course] but I don't recomend it for ounger childrens. Overall, great show!
Adult Written bymrnocal April 9, 2008