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Record of Ragnarok

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Good entertainment, more mature themes.

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Educational value
age 15+

Cool series for mid teens up

I really love this show, yes the show has cursing but most teens and pre teens hear worse at school, the gore is pretty high cause it’s a battle to death but most characters are from different backgrounds and cultures no black human fighters but Anubis a god form Egypt but has not show Up in the manga or anime yet , the humans are fighting to save us so that’s pog

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Great messages
Great role models
age 18+

Aphrodite has big boobs and they jiggle a lot jacks mother is a prostitute and goll walks in on what appeared to be a orgy but it was already over and the girls had their tits covered I don't recon for kids and if you are a kid you should watch with a parent

age 15+

No nudity in season 1

season one has no bad stuff expect for a character with big breast covered besides that it is good.