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age 18+

RelationShep was a real Snoozefest

My family watches Southern Charm so we decided to watch the spin off RelationShep. Week after week, Shep was awkward around every girl he met. He was not personable and not interesting. It's hard to be fun when you seem to have no interests, are not particularly smart and you have no redeeming qualities to discuss with other people. Shep Rose seems to come from a loving, hardworking, respectable family. Too bad Shep turned out to be the Black Sheep of his family. Since Shep had nothing much to say about himself, he mostly bragged about his family and all the material things they have had for generations. Shep's entire existence revolves around his parents/grandparents/great grandparents accomplishments and fortune. Unfortunately Shep has no accomplishments of his own besides graduating from college. Too bad Shep did not do anything with his college degree. Shep is rude at times (to his producer)and boring at other times. Shep has high expectations of what he wants from a woman however we are still trying to figure out what Shep himself has to offer a woman. What does Shep do for a living? Where does he work? How does he support himself? What does Shep like to do besides get drunk, hunt, and act like a spoiled helpless child? I tried to stay awake while watching this show but it was painfully boring every week. Why would anyone want to date Shep in the 1st place unless they wanted to be seen on TV. Shep has nothing to offer any woman. He is not hardworking (does he even have a job?), he is not interesting, not funny, not smart. Where would Shep be without his families money? Most likely on the Welfare line collecting food stamps. He is cocky, lazy, and often rude (he speaks to his producer disrespectfully and expects her to iron his clothes - would Shep speak to a male producer the same way...No Way) He is a spoiled, boring, sloppy looking loser with a silver spoon in his mouth and absolutely nothing to offer any woman. Shep is riding on his parents coattails in the hope that the girls he dates will be impressed by his families accomplishments. Shep do you want women to like you for you or for just your families money?
age 18+

37 Year Old Drunk Loser Seeking Younger Woman For Ego

I watched a enough of this show to realize Shep Rose is another one of Bravo’s losers pretending to look for love but is actually in search of a drinking partner. The women are way too attractive for this dumpy looking middle aged man that doesn’t seem to have much going for himself. If watching a dowdy, pompous, arrogant failure at life is entertaining then this might be your show. It’s not even remotely entertaining. Thumbs down.
age 14+

Shep is growing up

Great show about relationships featuring Shep and different girls he meets along the way. It shows the ups and downs of dating. The easy dating and the not so easy. Shep invites girls he likes to soon meet him in Charleston to see how he loves his life but getting turned down could be a hurt in the waiting. What you think someone is feeling isn’t always what they are feeling. Good luck Shep!

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