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not worth it

I use to hate this with a passion because of the animation but I'm giving it 2 stars because its got a few decent jokes... but its not worth making your eyes go through that. The animation is horrible, the bright colors are annoying, everything is so unnecessarily ugly and the transitions (that i feel like its the only thing they put effort on) are off-putting. It belongs in Adultswim more than as a kids show. The jokes that are good would have been weird to hear as a kid, yet still, as an adult, i can't watch this, it's too annoying. If i wanted to watch what this show is offering, I'd do myself a favor and watch anything else, like, really ANYTHING. It tries to be like Mad but fails miserably. I watched one episode and felt the need to do some research because how did it make it to Disneyxd. You can get something better.
age 13+

Right Now Kapow ! was not for little kids

i think right now Kapow! is a amazing show but its not for little kids because its very vilonte a pineapple girl punches a lion in the face a monster is seen dead laying on the ground with birds munching on his body some characters laugh at a fish and a bomb hits the submarine and kills them all a dog cop says he misses his partner and his new partner says im sure hes looking down at you from cop heaven right now a blue character tries to prove that she can jump over a balance beam and keeps getting hurt and then her coach says yeah im not her coach anymore shes terrible a old lady tries climbing on a bookshelf and then it falls and she gets crushed a vampire is seen giving blood to a blood bank with that being said i think right now Kapow! is for preteens and teens and i dont reccomend it to anyone under the age of 1

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Too much violence
age 13+

An interesting concept

When I first heard about this show, I went to all the usual resources to find out what it was about. I searched for the overall plot and character names etc. It was only after watching the premiere that I understood why I was completely unsuccessful. The only thing that does not change are the characters heads. We have a plant, a moon, an icecream, a diamond, a dog and a wrapped piece of candy. Aside from that. all bets are off. They could be anything or anyone depending on the sketch they're thrown into. Even their names and ages are arbitrary. That said, the show can be genuinely funny. It doesn't rely on one kind of humor either. There's even satire of stories and mythical creatures including the Pied Piper of Hamelin and a very entertaining sketch involving a sphinx. Kid's will need to be a little bit older to grasp the humor so I've rated this show 13+ Give it a watch for yourself and decide. As for raunchy or vulgar content, there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about thus far. The promo may have been extremely off-putting, but I really recommend watching just one episode.