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age 6+

Amazing show

Right now kapow is an amazing show that I love to watch, I was looking at the other reviews and I saw that a lot of them were saying that the graphics are bad but I think that the graphics are great, the one problem with it for me was that it was super hard to get because they took it of DirecTV and that was annoying but all on all my 42 year old dad loves this show, my 37 year old mom doesn' t find the humor funny, but everybody else in my family ranging from 3-13 love this show and completely recommend this show to anybody looking for a good laugh. And the pictures that represent this show are misleading for the common sense pictures with the lion and the ice cream man with a cast, those pictures make the show look super bad but they were just funny in the show
age 10+

If only there was a 2nd season.

This show is really funny. Along with Future-Worm! and Milo Murphy's Law, it was 1 of their good remaining shows when junk like Star Vs. Evil and Walk The Prank ruled the network. It's sad that Disney XD cancelled it (due to Warner Brothers making the show and not them). I wonder if an international Cartoon Network feed will air it.

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Too much violence
age 9+

Animation could be a problem, but the humor, is just SPOT ON.

Eh, I like me some humor, and this is one of the examples. Sure, the animation looks like a adult swim show, or a direct style rip-off of The Problem Solverz (which I don't reccomend to anyone), but it appeals it's Warner Bros. cartoon style to Disney, and its animation is bad, which it fits the satire plot of the cartoon, and whoever thinks of this idea, is a GENIUS. The animation is a little bit bad, but it's not NEON like TPS does, which it hurts my eye. Anyway, Right Now Kapow is a comedy sketch show that appeals to the older audiences. And don't judge the book by it's cover. It may looks bad, but who knows, this show could be a perfect Saturday night cartoon to crack you up.

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Great role models
Too much violence
age 7+

Excellent Show! Many Personalities!

This show is about six characters who appear in skits. They are Diamond, Dog, Moon, Candy, Plant, and Ice Cream. There are actual episodes, and different types of skits in the middle of them. The characters are put in different bodies, sometimes children, teens, monsters, robots, and adults. It's also funny!
age 12+

Interesting and Creative

The skit approach is definitely different, but used in a fun, entertaining way. Voice acting is solid, as well as the plots of each skit. The art style of the show can take some getting used to, but I certainly recommend Right Now Kapow to anyone.
age 2+

So Annoying and stupid

I hate it so much and i hate how sometimes it playes for hours at a time and the shows that it says are showing aren't that entire time!
age 18+

I feel like I'm on acid watching this!!!

The show is completely inappropriate. When I first came across this show I thought I was on abult swim in Cartoon Network and was shocked this was supposed to be a kids show.
age 14+

Kinda funny

The animation isn't really that good but it does have some jokes in the show
age 2+

Boring Show Ever

Right now Kapow seems like the boringly show I've ever seen air on Disney xd the graphics,context,and stuff 100% boring...Not very fun to watch!
age 2+

It belongs in the trash

The show is terrible a waste of time to the watcher and the creators. The show is a good example of what not to show to younger kids it looks like the creators didn't even try to make it good. The show belongs in the trash if I can put negative stars I'd put -3 stars