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Adult Written byMom2c_ang April 9, 2008

The kids like it and parents won't object.

This cartoon is one that the kids like because the kids in it are cool, pick on each other, and like to do cool stuff. They use "sufer" lingo and do beach town activities. For the parents, when the kids go too far agianst the rules, they get caught- either by the parents or just the consequences of their actions. There is always a lesson to be learned, it's not always hokey, and while the kids don't like it, they accept the punishment.
Parent Written byPlague December 17, 2009

Rocket Power

Pretty funny for a cartoon. This is one of those animated shows I can stand and actually like to watch. The ego these main characters have are huge, but still a fun show for your kids.
Adult Written byForknose April 9, 2008


If you like extreme sports you will be mind shaken on how pitiful this show is. Unrealistic, very comercial, anti-skate punk, horrible plots, and to top that off their surfer language is very sketchy even for their peers. They talk like messed up surfers mixed with stupid skateboarders mixed with a poorly gathered combination of 80s lingo.
Adult Written bypunk_butters April 9, 2008


This show is just plain dumb & unrealistic. They talk like jerks, & they all OBSESS with sports. Exercise is nice, & I spend hours a day rollerblading myself, but these guys need to get a life.
Adult Written byCocktailSquid October 19, 2014

Pause to consider

There is nothing with the series that is really pausing, in that I mean, there is no smoking, swearing, violence, etc. However, I think it does provide a poor message to younger children and should be saved for what I would call that "mid" range. The poor message is the family dynamic. When I was a kid, we were allowed to go disappear all day and not check in until dinner, but that isn't the same world today. Also we could be trusted, and the Rocket kids cannot. They are always disobeying rules, sometimes to dangerous results; and there are very few repercussions when they do. They lie frequently and are constantly trying to skirt around their single father's authority in a way that is not just normal rebellion. The father seems more interested in preserving his youth and trying to compete with kids that he does very little actual parenting, seeming surprised when his children lie or break every rule he lays, as if it has happened for the first time. He also seems more wrapped up in his own interests to notice when he is actually missing the times when his kids need him (Such as, when he becomes in a woman that comes to town and completely ignores his daughter, while she grows increasingly upset, feeling she has been forgotten. It is actually the woman who just entered the situation that notices the problem.) Even though it tries to promote an anti-bullying message, the main characters frequently bully their nerdy friend, while the older kids bully them. Once again, there are no repercussions. If it were my children, I would just pass this one up entirely. There are many other series with positive messages and the same action and humor that would be a much better use of your kids' time.
Adult Written byPoptartpm April 9, 2008
Educator and Parent Written byAmber1997 April 10, 2016


Teaches kids to go out and try new things. They learn lessons and what to do and what not to do in some situations. Each episode is a great learning tool for boys and girls
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Great role models
Adult Written byChuck Reid March 21, 2012

Radical show!

This show is one of the best Nicelodeon shows of all time.The jokes are funny and the animation is pretty good.The slang is cool on this show as well.This show is one of the good Nick shows (Spongeob,CatDog,The Wild Thornberrys,As Told By Ginger,ect) and NOT one of the garbage Nickelodeon shows (Nick News,Hey Dude,ChalkZone,ect.)So I recomend Rocket Power.