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Here's a joke in the show that even many adults might not get. The town where Rocky and Bullwinkle live, Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, is a parody of the icebox of the nation- International Falls, Minnesota, which is on the Canadian border. If you think about it it's logical. After all, in March the temperature in Frostbite Falls "rises" to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Other jokes in the show are more obvious, at least to adults, and sometimes to kids too. Kids will see that Boris and Natasha are evil, but they won't think much beyond that. After all, they never succeed. The slow pace will bore some kids, but others won't mind and will even find it a refreshing departure. As for the title characters, Bullwinkle isn't very smart, but Rocky is. Kids will identify with that, as most kids either have a friend who's smarter than they are or have a friend for whom everything has to be explained. Just give this show a try.