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Rocky & Bullwinkle

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I think it's brilliant American comedy. As a British person, I love this show!!
age 3+

Boring and barly funny

I only watched one episode of this and it already was boring. This was probably awesome at the time when it was released, but Rocky and Bullwinkle is stiff compared to Tom and Jerry . (Tom and jerry is still awesome ever since it was released.) Besides that, there is other thing that is stupid about the show: There is 47 million different shorts that are scrambled throughout the episode, Rocky's voice is super annoying, and it's not funny. (I'm saying it again.)
age 2+

Really Good

Great role models! Very Positive messages! But some smoking. I really like this show!

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Great messages
Great role models
age 2+

MrLevi Reviews for parents: Rocky and bullwinkle

Ah,Rocky and bullwinkle...What a great show,full of slapstick and fun gags It's kinda low budget but what do you expect from a show from the 1950's? They don't air it that much anymore...But it might bore some kids But I love the cheep puns and slapstick.
age 5+

One of the greatest classic cartoons.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show is a great cartoon for the whole family. It's witty and filled with puns that the adults should like, but unfortunately most kids may want more action in the cartoons like in Tom and Jerry and other cartoons. The segments are very funny, characters memorable, and it's a cartoon that doesn't insult the intelligence of the viewers. It should be enjoyable for the whole family,.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence