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A show that didn’t deliver in any aspect

I think that this show had a lot of potential and being a fun comedic satire on the shoujo genre and otome games that includes some great feminist ideas but it ends up failing in every catergory. The premise itself is very off putting with the magical fairy Riri trying to solve Japan’s birthrate problem by forcing people to fall in love. Not even taking in the fact that Anzu is a freshmen in highschool, this feels extremely problematic and almost like a commentary on what women should be doing with their lives. This premise is immediately off putting but it can still be seen as a satirical play on conditions other protagonists are put in other stories. But from no main story line, to being forced to live with two guys in her house, to having Kazuki’s creepy stalker storyline which doesn’t add any value to show, this anime is incredibly confusing, annoying, and convoluted. At least if the writers had kept a light hearted theme, maybe the anime would be more enjoyable but when it takes a serious and disturbing tone with the stalker, the entire show goes downhill. I wouldn’t recommend this show to shoujo lovers or haters because it doesn’t deliver in any aspect other than having some likeable characters. Having the first half of the show be decent and the next half be so different from the original plot line, teasers, and trailers feels like such a waste of time. I would instead recommend shows like Monthly Girl’s Nozaki kun, Kiss him not me, and Ouran High School Host club for doing a better job at going against gender stereotypes, having better feminist ideals, being comical, having loveable characters, having a good storyline, and being an overall enjoyable and valuable experience.
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entertaining watch, the messages are bad

i hate what it basically stands for. this girl is forced to find a partner and there are a lot of tropes.
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Ok the reviews that “parents” wrote are lies I have watched this show several times and it’s amazing I will add some spoilers so be warned!!!! :D this girl gets her 3 greatest desires taken away by a wizard (that kinda looks like a potato don’t ask why) so she can date someone and the wizard says she will have a dating simulator life style without her 3 desires until she gets in a relationship but the first dude isn’t really into dating anyone since an older woman was stalking him which made him scared that’s all the spoilers I’ll say because go watch it. it’s a super good series and I definitely recommend it

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