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Look, people say that it promotes girl power, but really, the main character, Sailor Moon, is this high school girly-girl who cries over everything and acts as if she is a little primary school girl! The show is dreadfully boring and Sailor Moon stays immature throughout the whole show! She leans upon her friends and boyfriend way too much and is the worst role model in existence! If you want to watch things about female superheroes and girl power, I recommend watching Supergirl or any other anime!
age 5+

Best Show for Kids of Parents who were born in the 1990's

Many of my friends who I grew up with and I LOVE Sailor Moon. Many of my friends also have families of their own now. Many of my friends kids love Sailor Moon and they are in Kindergarten. It's shocks me to hear that they LOVE Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was MY Generation

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much consumerism
age 8+

My kids got bored

My younger kids (4 and 7) got bored with it as it takes too long to get to the action scenes for them. But when they get a little older I'm sure they'll love it just like their Mama when she was young.

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Great role models
age 14+

Varies by episode

Sailor Moon Crystal does carry some great role models especially considering we get to see the main character mature and grow stronger over the seasons. This version, however, is more heavily based on the manga which is much more adult than the original anime but it tends to vary episode by episode. Just some things worth mentioning-- All the main characters die at least once The title character when having a flashback to her past life recalls that she committed suicide after her love died There are very subtle references to sex on later episodes If the series continues to cover the S arc, things become much darker. You may want to revisit it and see if it's still appropriate for younger kids All in all, it is a great story and there's some really great messages in here. Just make sure your children can handle some of the darker elements

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models