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Adult Written bygoodgirl July 11, 2015

good show. not as good as the orginal .

I watch it sometimes . Zack and the gang is in College . Zack still in love with Kelly and Kelly in love with the professer.
Adult Written byLowe's man July 1, 2015

Continues the tradition of the original.

Since the storylines are more mature here than in the original SAVED BY THE BELL, this show is unsuitable for younger fans of the series. Having said that, this show continues the tradition of the original. In other words, like the original, the college episodes of SAVED BY THE BELL emphasize such things as friendship, learning from your mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions. In college now and living in a dorm, Zack, Slater, Screech and Kelly are granted a tremendous amount of new freedom. They also learn that with freedom comes responsibility, and the consequences they must face if they misuse their freedom or commit any number of infractions are far more serious than what they ever had to endure in high school. Zack had the most to learn. Screech's popularity with the ladies shows that people who were outcasts in high school sometimes can become popular in college. The only sad part was at the end when Zack gave up dormitory life with Slater and Screech (The Three Musketeers, as Screech called them) to get married to Kelly. But again, some people do marry that young (19) in real life. While some marriages at 19 don't work out and end in divorce, others turn out just fine and, in fact, very happy.