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Secrets and Lies

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age 12+

Bad acting

The plot aggravates me . The two lead actors fail to impress.
age 15+

Intense drama that will leave you guessing.

This show is noting short of awesome! WIth violence, action, and scandalous drama, abc makes there best show yet!!! Content: Violence: a boy is found killed in the woods and some brief bloody images are shown. A husband is abusive and shown on a recorded video screaming and throwing things at his wife and child. A character is chocked and cut on the head. There is an overall dark tone to the show, bc after all it is about a child murder. sex: there are numerous references to an affair that happened. A couple is shown having sex briefly in a short scene. A man is fired for sexual violence. A boy is shown to be abused and bruised. Language: one f**k, b*tch, damn, hell, crap, pissed, etc. MY RATING: PG-13/ for thematic and disturbing material, violence, gore, brief sexuality, and some language