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age 17+

This show is terrifiying

This show has brief nudity, language, and gore, but the reason i rated this 17+ is because it is just so unsettling, and it was just so scary to watch.
age 11+

Not that scary

It has great twists some nudity and sometimes gives you the chills but the scariest part of the whole show is the intro
age 15+

Claustrophobic, eerie, weird and just a part of something bigger

Just finished watching Servant and although I am not satisfied, it was still a good watch, just if you really dig into mystery. I thought I'd get answers in the finale but little did I get. Instead, I got more confused. Then I realised they have planned to make the story 60 episodes long so no way they are gonna expose much in the 1/6th part. Still, they TRIED to give us a bit of an insight about a thing or two. So many plot holes and implausibilities though. Sexual material was limited to heard moaning, a half make-out and a couple of kisses. In one episode, the mysterious nanny moves her hand towards a man's groin from over the pants. Nudity was prolonged though not graphic and only partial. This includes lengthy bathtub scenes, cloth changing scenes and PUNISHMENT scenes. Breastfeeding is implied, nothing really shown. In one episode, she uses a pump or something but again we dont see anything. Some sex talk included too. Not in a sexual way but the main male character gets a splinter on his butt so its partially shown from the above. Language is really, really high. Anybody counts the f-bombs and the count might cross a hundred. Others include s**t and other slangs. Violence isn't constant because it's more of a thriller but still we have some scenes of splinters in the skin, including butt as mentioned above. Also, the nailing eel scene. Hand burning, wounds, pretty gory in the finale. A dog is killed in once scene but not shown. Oh yeah, I dont know if it comes in violence or what but the characters of these show got some serious issues. They eat crickets, lobster ice cream, blowfish and a child's placenta. I mean, who does that? I don't know. So if somebody has problem with these kinda things or is squeamish because of this, stay away. Drinking and drugs are also the highlight of the show. Though we don't see any drugs, we do constantly see a whole storage of wine in the main character's cellar. And they drink different kinda wine in each episode. All in all, they didnt give much answers(except of a few) in the end so that the viewers want for more(which we do) and also, they got a whole lot of seasons planned to cover the story. So, you in search of a cluastrophobic and bizarre mystery show, hope in. Otherwise, just hang on and wait for other seasons and fill your curiosity once and for all.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking