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Parent of a 3 year old Written byJKS442 March 3, 2014

Daughter loves it but I spent a lot of time explaining bad behavior unaddressed by the show

First let me say mu daughter LOVES this show! She pretends to be Sherrif Callie all the time and it had led to some great imaginary games when we play together and when she plays with her friends. This is why it is so disappointing to me. The premise of the show is great and the lead character Callie is a wonderful alternative to playing princess! My disappointment comes from the number of times bad behavior goes unaddressed. For example in one scene when one of the characters is clearing up while another character keeps dropping food and making a mess, eventually the character cleaning gets mad and calls his friend a name. The story goes on to have him apologize for name calling, but there is no acknowledgement that the friend what thoughtless and careless when he dropped food repeatedly on the clean floor. This could have been solved by having them apologize to each other. This happens repeatedly, where it is the second person who acts badly who receives consequences. This oversimplifies the complexity of social interactions and teaches kids that some types of bad behavior is ok. It would be simple for them to solves this problem. My other issue is that an apology solves everything, when that is not always true. Again with just a little more effort this could be a really great show. So we watch the show but only together. It is not a show I let my daughter watch alone. I always watch with her so we can talk about everyone's responsibility for the problem and alternative solutions to the problems. I also make sure to limit her watching of this show, trying to get her to make up her own games with the theme since she likes playing sherrif so much.
Parent Written byWinnie818 July 13, 2014

Sheriff Callie Wild West

My 3 year old really loves this show. It teaches lessons and keeps their interest.
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Adult Written byGreen cab June 11, 2014

It's good enough

My almost two year old loves this show. She likes the songs and dancing. I do not know how appropriate it will be when she fully understands concepts like choosing between what's right and what's easy, but for now it's good enough. She likes that sheriff Callie helps the other characters and is enjoying learning what each character/ animal is called and their characteristics.