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Parent of an infant-year-old Written bysmithwife91 July 30, 2013

Love it!

My son loves this! it teaches good values (sharing, washing hands, ect) plus it is very engaging for kids of all ages and adults will love watching the child learn good values while learning a new language.

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Adult Written byMrScrooge May 31, 2013

A simple and fun way to learn some sign language

Here is why I value this show. When I was young I was hard of hearing and wore hearing aids. Luckily for me I can hear well enough to "fit in" with the hearing folks. I was in a class for deaf and hard of hearing kids. I was the only one in that class who didn't know sign language and I wasn't taught since I could talk well enough to be understood(that depends on who you ask, trust me). I wanted to learn but our teacher was too overworked and didn't have the time. I wish a show like Signing Time had existed back then.

The program is very simple, there is no stupidity or annoying jokes. It does have a frog called Hopkins, which is a cartoon frog. There is singing and lots of signing. None of the songs annoyed me, they are sung by Rachel and she incorporates the signs/words we learn throughout the program into the song. Words I learned to sign while watching the show that I can still recall at the moment are: Year, wind, snow, chilly, play, warm. The episodes I viewed were themed and dealt with weather and seasons.

I wish this show would have been around thirty years ago, then perhaps I could have enjoyed a conversation with my classmates. I would recommend this series for families and friends of children who are deaf or communicate through sign language and especially for students who have a deaf classmate.

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Parent of a 2, 4, and 7-year-old Written bynewgirl1993 April 15, 2012

Great Show

This is a really good show for any age kid my kids love it. It teaches very imporent lessons.

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Parent of a 2 and 5-year-old Written bycwyatt June 17, 2011

The first show for any child!

This is awsome! Kids as early as 8 months can benefit. My 26 mo old asks to watch Signing Times daily. She is learning colors, animals, manners, and more. My 5 year old still watches and gets more into the finger dexterity of the signs. Rachel has a good singing voice and we use the CDs too. The shows and songs are fun for the kids. I have learned tons of ASL from this show and am comfortable using it with my kids during the day and with picture books.

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Parent Written bymichelejapan August 13, 2010

Great for School and Home

My 1-2nd grade classroom loved it as did my daughter who will be 3 soon. Highly recommended as something for all educators who teach primary and for anyone wishing to help develop your signing. I still would probably not put my child under 2 in front of it because TV is not recommended for children under 2. As a parent you can watch it and learn it and teach it to your children under 2.

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Parent of an infant and 4-year-old Written bydebflinch April 16, 2010

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Adult Written byicnahs April 9, 2008

Fantastic children's series!

We have enjoyed the Signing Time! series in our home for the last 5 years. Our children and their friends absolutely love these shows and they come away learning more than just the ASL vocabulary. Some of the things my kids have learned on ST are colors, numbers, ABC's, and manners.
Adult Written byJanel April 9, 2008

A Must See for all ages

Exciting,enteractive and entertaining video series to learn ASL for any age. It helped my son to be able to communicate when he language was not clear and it helped me to learn a new way to communicate with others.
Adult Written byJ9CK April 9, 2008

Perfect educational television!

Signing Time! is a terrific educational series for children of all ages. Our children love watching and it is one of the few shows that we enjoy watching with them. We know that they are learning, engaged, and entertained!
Adult Written byteechrmom7 April 9, 2008

Signing Time Rocks!

Signing Time has a special place in my heart because I have seen the amazing effect it has children. I use Signing Time in my classroom as well as in my home. My students and grandchildren have all increased their language and communication skills, reading skills, social skills and self-confidence while falling in love with Rachel, Alex and Leah. I recommend it highly for people of all ages.
Adult Written bylblau April 9, 2008

A must-try program

Whether teaching a hearing child who is a pre-verbal infant, a non-verbal child with disabilities or a child who wants to learn ASL as a second language, Signing Time has yet to reach its potential as a mainstream parenting tool.

What I like about this show is that it reaches children with diverse learning styles. Where I normally would not stick my child in front of the television to watch shows that are mind-numbing entertainment, this show actually encourages interaction through signing, singing, speaking and moving.

I found that parents are actually as engaged in the show as the child and feel that this interaction between parent and child is priceless.
Adult Written bychigbee April 9, 2008

Amazing Results

My daughter started watching Signing Time when she was about seven months old. Around 10 months, she signed about 20 words - the critical wants and needs type words that really helped to eliminate tantrums and frustration. She's now 21 months old and knows all the signs on all the episodes - it's the only TV show she wants to watch, in fact we purchased the DVDs because she's constantly asking for it. Contrary to popular belief, her verbal skills have not been diminished by using ASL, in fact they've exploded. She speaks most of the signs as she signs them and is already using them in sentences. She can recite and sign all of her ABCs and can count to 10 without help. How many 21 month olds do you know that can do that? All I can say is Signing Time works.
Adult Written byaligreat April 9, 2008

All children should watch Signing Time!

It's another tool for your toolbelt. As an adult with a learning disability, knowing basic sign language helped me to get through college. The visual language helped my memorization skills. This series is entertaining and will help all children with all abilities.
Adult Written bytweejy April 9, 2008
Adult Written byroset April 9, 2008

The best program for children

My granddaughter is 19 months old and has been watching Signing Time since she was an infant. It is the only program she wants to watch, much to our happiness. When she was 9 months old she would let us know when she was hungry by signing "eat", "milk", "more". Something that recently happened: She had been signing cracker by hitting closed fists together (similar to shoe). We knew what she wanted and continued to reinforce the correct sign when she received the cracker. While watching Rachel sign cracker, it was like a light coming on. She would sign it her way, then Rachel's way and after several times of doing it both ways, she started to sign it correctly and has since. Signing Time has been a blessing in our family with the great quality of the DVDs and the fun way sign language is taught, and the way it has given our family a great tool to communicate with our little one. Thank you, Signing Time! Keep up the fantastic work with helping families and children.
Adult Written byMom of 2 April 9, 2008

A really great show for kids of all ages

We started watching the Signing Time videos for our 2 year old and now both she, and her 4 year old sister know over 200 signs. They both love watching and signing/signing the songs on the video. All sorts of children are shown which provides a great opportunity to discuss how our differences make us interesting.
Adult Written byGMaganda April 9, 2008

Must watch ASL series!!!!!

Signing Time is a life saver! I have used ST with both of my children to teach them how to communicate with me as infants. My daughter began signing back at 10 months and my son at 8 months. It has been instrumental in their development. It is very entertaining and interesting! My children have higher IQ scores, a phenomenal use of English and Spanish languages, and rarely have tantrums because they can express themselves. Go check out ST!
Adult Written bybubsdad April 9, 2008

I tell everyone to watch this show

This program has granted the gift of communication to my family with my 5 1/2 yr old son. My son(one of six children)was born with Trisomy 21 and has verbal apraxia. Since watching Signing Time, he has been able to communicate using american sign language, finger spell, read and write and his verbal abilities have blossomed. I would rate this program 10 stars if possible. He is attending regular public school and continues to show remarkable progress as a result of Signing Time. This program has been embraced by our local school system and his classmates sign along with him and finger spelling with ASL has helped the other children as well. What a wonderful program this is!
Adult Written bybjcengh April 9, 2008

super great

i love the songs. i know lots of signs. I love to watch miss rachel and the little kids. everyone should see signing time.
Adult Written byJ.A.Engh April 9, 2008

Educational and Entertaining

Signing Time has been used by our family for over 4.5 years. My daughter, now 5 years old, absolutely loves to watch the videos. She has learned so many signs and depending on her interest at the time, she has 13 volumes to choose from. Lately it's been animals, so volumes 8 and 9 have been viewed frequently. We also try to catch Signing Time on PBS. Learning American Sign Language and fingerspelling through Signing Time has helped tremendously for our daughter. She has scored above her peers in reading and word recognition. There are many benefits to learning American Sign Language but what sets Signing Time! apart is that it's entertaining and engaging.