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Sleepy Hollow

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age 15+

If you like to be spooked out a little bit this is kind of fun

I am a Christian, and I have to say this is a guilty pleasure. And a lot of ways and makes me feel bad for watching this. I know it's very fanciful and not to be taken seriously. But I think it could very much confuse a young spongy mind. I really don't think I'll let my teens watch this although I do have teenagers that are 17 . Actually I have stopped watching it after the first five episodes. It became overbearing in it's demonic intensity. And I don't like that very much at all. My husband got me back into it after he got past the first several episodes and got a little lighter. All that being said, it's very fun, it's written pretty well written there are some inaccuracies, and the actors are pretty good. Overall it is fun.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 12+

Don't let the title fool you

Doesn't make me sleepy!
age 12+

Liked most of it

Ok well I am a Christian and didnt Mutch care for the whole demonic feel of the show but I loved the rest of it it was kinda. Like the show elementry witch I also love parents with older kids should watch as a family but this is waaaaayyyyy to dark and creepy for smaller kids please read my review before deciding if this is a good show for your family

This title has:

Too much violence