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Stop playing with snakes.

These guys are missing the whole message of the gospel. Im sure there are good christians that are in those churches but if you read the bible you'll see that what they are doing is a humongous waste of time. The time they spend drawing attention to themselves and the snakes would be much better spent worshiping and praising god. When Paul was bit by the viper he did not sit there and play with the thing, he flung it into the fire. These people focus so much on the "take up serpents " verse that i think they are neglecting the rest of Gods word. It also says if you are not capable of following mans law, how do you expect to be able to follow Gods law. What they are doing is not only illegal, but totally unnecessary to promote the glory of our loving God. I wish they would use the time to talk about a God so loving that he would send his ONLY son to earth to die for our sins so we could be reconciled to him.

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