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So You Think You Can Dance

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Show takes a weird turn, becomes harsh and mean spirited.

The "auditions" in the show at the beginning are fine, much like World Of Dance. HOWEVER, the show takes a harsh tone once contestants get to the "Academy" where they are NOT encouraged to show individual talents or showmanship, but are ridiculed and put through a tedious guantlet of different dance genres at hyper speed. They literally boot camp these poor people into learning complex dance routines in 90 minutes, one after another, which is not only grueling for the dancers, but also hard to watch. It's like watching "Showgirls" where the dancers are literally forced into becoming jack of all trade Lemmings for the business end and damn any true artistry. The dancers have been called "stupid" among other explatives sometimes being flat out insulted by the judges, especially the old prune who will turn on someone in a split second. I think this show starts off well enough but becomes mean spirited and obnoxious very quickly. Any fans from other "talent shows" may quickly be turned off by this as some of the treatment is arrogant, pretentious and borderline annoying.
age 10+

Let your child know what TALENT IS!

Truly the BEST talent contest in TV!
age 10+


I watch this show ith my parents,and we love it! Great acting,the guess stars are full of talent,the antics are cool,ect.
age 7+

A good one for Kids, gives them a good foundation.

I'm yet to get married but I thought show like this one would give a very exposure of the Dancing to the kids. Many kids could catch the spirit of Dancing from the tender age and who knows your kid may thread the path towards a Super Star Dancer in the making. But I thing is very clear to me. As a researcher I do strongly feel (in fact, observed them in many countries) that present generation kids do need to be more pro-active into such very useful activities which obviously meant that less time on TV and Video games would be much better to them in many ways. Good luck kids!

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age 5+

Alright for 5 and up after final 20 are picked

Some dance moves are very sexual in nature (Latin ballroom) but it is just dance and it's amazing to see how far people can come with perseverance and dedication. My kids enjoy watching it but I don't let them watch it until after the final 20 are selected.

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age 8+

I love shows we can watch together

We enjoy watching how these dancers improve their talent. It is nice to be able to watch a tv show and not worry about inappropriate content. My kids love to root for their favorite dancer to win the contest.
age 6+

Great show!

My girls and I love this show (8 yo. & 11 yo.) we have watched it for years. My only concern is sometimes the outfits are pretty revealing and occasionally the dances can have a sexual tone to them. Other than that I think it is great and fun for the whole family!