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I Question it??

Okay, I agree with the reviewer who said Steve was being antagonized. He certainly was! Of course, I also think it was purposely done to get those high ratings. If everyone was goody, goody, no one would watch the show! I also think the police were really called because the "housemother" was hurting over Steve's comments to her and also for those higher ratings. I Question: Is Steve really as messed up as they portray or again, is he and they doing all of this for the ratings?????
age 13+


I just watched the episode where the police were called in to take Steve out of the house. Ridiculous! He was not abusive. You guys kept annoying him by opening the door over and over etc... As high as he was, all he kept saying was "do you guys mind I'm trying to get dressed." And of course he's going to call the girl a bitch she was annoying! You don't help drug addicts when they relapse by annoying behavior and INSTIGATING further bad behavior. You guys are dramatizing drugs at this point and trying to make your show more "DRAMATIC". Concentrate on being more mature than the addict and not causing a mess so you can act like you have something to clean up. You could have sat him down and spoke with him in calm language, consistent and trustworthy, kept an eye on him with the hidden camera so he does no harm to himself. Then in the morning address the issue, (of course considering whatever the drug is causing in his system). If he was throwing desks, trying to hit someone etc... I could understand restraint, but he tried to save a falling lamp for christ sake!!!! You guys were like flies buzzing around, like children annoying adults with repetitive movement and useless chatter, walking in and out of the room talking nothing that would actually help him. Then after so many times Steve asks to have the door closed and the guy with the headset slams the door and says something smart ass back and starts saying Steves abusive! HUH???? Who's on drugs? What's on second, cause this show is borderline abusive and glamorizing the wrong subject matter.
age 12+

A look into the truth of drug use

This show actually tugs at my heart. Although I am 37, I've never actually seen drugs (other than tv or books) or known someone that was hooked, so this show is an eye opener for me. With three children I know that drugs are a huge factor that my children could be faced with at some point in their life. Unfortunetly drugs are now an issue in middle schools, so I believe that children as young as 12 could benefit from watching. I think allowing them to watch the reality of what drugs do to real people could help deture their curiosity. It's one thing to have it told to you over and over by adults - it's another to actually see how awful life on drugs can be. It's an additional reality to see that anyone can be effected, even the "rich and famous".