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Mundane comedy plays superficial characters for laughs.
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Adult Written bySarliz September 7, 2019

Harmful Drivel

For some reason this is on the "Everyone's Watching" list on Netflix, and my son turned it on this morning. We made it 11 minutes into the first episode before we turned it off and I opened an account here to write a review.

This show is full of offensive stereotypes that I would never expect to see in a show written this side of 1990. There's the hot dumb blonde girl, the gibberish speaking, bumbling "foreign" cleaning lady (hired because she was "the cutest one"), the effeminate boy into fashion, the nerd, and the big, dumb surfer type. The blonde girl is reading a fashion magazine called "Bimbo", and shrieks "eww!" and throws it when she finds out it's actually a business magazine. All the boys encourage her to wear shorter skirts. And that was literally only in the first 10 minutes.

I guess the only positive is that this show spurred a conversation about stereotyping with my 6 year old this morning. Netflix should be ashamed of pushing this backwards, ignorant drivel on our kids.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byAnna C. January 20, 2018

Sexist garbage

Should have been in black and white since it has the morals and views of the 1940s chauvinist. Not something I encourage my children to watch
Adult Written byJMDT February 9, 2020

Poor Representation of Girls

I have banned my kids from watching this show. The characters feed into horrible stereotypes. One of the episodes has a “Barbie” with a giant chest that comes to life. So disrespectful to women.
Adult Written bySuzannay March 23, 2019

Cute show

Some of the characters are unflattering portrayals of stereotypes but overall it's cute and the story lines are entertaining. There are a lot worse things kids could be watching. Piper balances a lot of the negativity by supporting equality and the value of intelligence.
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byBinge W. August 2, 2018

Some silliness required, in family friendly and dumb but funny comedy.

My rating TV-Y7. Has a little slapstick humor but not too bad. Plus a character has a crush another character. mild insults like stupid and shut up are used
Parent of a 10, 12, and 15-year-old Written byHendo H. U December 27, 2017


Why such bad reviews?
Parent Written byKi Y December 11, 2017

Funny show, purely entertaining

My 8 year old and 12 year old enjoy this show. I watch it with them. This show does not have any deep lessons or educational value, if you take it for what it is...pure entertainment, then its a great show IMO. My kids understand the scenarios in this show are not realistic in any way, shape or form. This is a show we watch together that brings us laughs.
Adult Written bycolem September 27, 2015
Parent Written bygladys L August 8, 2015

Best kid show on netflix

If you have a netflix subscription your child should watch this because it is so funny
Adult Written byUnicornCharlee April 22, 2020
I think some Assembly required it’s a good show but the only thing is that sometimes it is a stereotype because One of the character is a blond and every body thinks she is hot but she is also dumb I personally am a blond and I already have trouble with my self being one It is not fair for kids to see that especially if there blonds
Adult Written bymlynn16 June 22, 2019

Has little value to children

Most of the characters are portrayed as having little intelligence, especially the blonde characters, which is a horrible stereotype. The ones who do have any intelligence are cruel, mean, and/or sarcastic. It sends the wrong message to children. It is not educational and has no positive role models or message about teens and adults. There are zero redeeming qualities to this show.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byCooks October 1, 2018

Vacuous dribble with terrible stereotyping

I understand the need for mindless drivel, however when the mind is not paying attention, as is the case with most children watching TV, the messages that reach the sub-conscious are worthy of intense scrutiny. From ep1:
"Jarvis asked me to hire a Cleaning Woman" not a cleaner.
Bimbo Male and Female stereotypes are portrayed throughout the series there are constant references to the males ogling the archetypal "pretty" females.
Add in zero consequences, zero values and infuriating canned laughter at the unfunny slapstick humour and you've got yourself a series not worth watching - I'm disappointed in myself for letting my daughter sit through 7.5 eps without pulling the pin earlier.
Parent of a 8-year-old Written byAlex S. June 1, 2018


If I could give this tv show no stars. I would. This has absolutely no educational value, no purpose, and it honestly overall makes me so mad. Its worse then spongebob. Disney use to teach kids about school topics, different lives, racism, etc. But Iv lost all hope in Disney now. Dont let your kids watch it!
Parent of a 4, 6, and 14-year-old Written byjanesta d. March 10, 2017

Want to enforce stereotypes?

My husband let my 4- and 6-year-olds watch this. I thought it was harmless, until I started paying attention. The first time I watched this show, I assumed it had been made some time ago, before we were quite so conscious of stereotypes. The blonde girl is regularly made fun of for being a silly airhead, but appreciated for her beauty. The girl with short, dark hair is called a boy and not appreciated, unless she wears a blonde wig and acts less smart. There are other, undesirable stereotypes reinforced. I am really surprised something like this is on Netflix for kids. I should never have let mine watch.
Adult Written byAmanda W. November 16, 2016


My daughter watched ti avidly for a bit, but turned it off when it got to some 'sexy stuff' (Kissing between Candice and P. Everett).

Wouldn't say there is anything horribly wrong with the show, just didn't find it very engaging. Only watched up to episode 5.
Parent Written byClarissa H. November 1, 2016


After watching a few episodes with my kids I was disappointed in the stereotypes. The blonde girl is pretty and dumb, the goth girl is smart and "ugly" (according to the show). The boys are always talking about pretty girls, watching pretty girls, liking short skirts. One boy makes a comment about a girl taking her clothes off. The goth girl has a crush on the main guy and is always like, "you think I'd look good in that!" Or "you think she's pretty". It's a very shallow show and although my girls won't like it I am cutting them off from it. You won't learn anything good from it.