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age 13+

extremely bad

Show is not for anyone, is fake and VERY inappropriate for kids.
age 18+

Not good for any age! Disgusting excuse for a childrens show, horribly sexist!

This is the most sexist childrens show. Its 2019 people and this is disgusting dont fill our childrens minds with this garbage! Please see below for several examples. If you are the type to allow your kid to watch shows when you arent around, pay attention to this one and you will likely never let them watch it again. Ridiculously disappointing for Netflix. "One of the characters made a comment about "Take Your Daughter to Work" days. One character called it "Take Your Son to Work" day. The female said "Don't you mean 'Take Your Daughter to Work"? The scientist character's reply was "Take your daughter to work? Why? To show her the life she'll never have?" After putting 2 men dolls and a barbie on the shelf "who are those guys?" "those are the real heros! The CEOs of companies!" Well what CEO is she? "Oh shes not a CEO thats that guys second wife!" And on and on and on....there are examples after examples, its gross. Makes me think twice about even having a netflix account. Jarvis (Kolton Stewart) turns to his new kid-Vice President, Bowie (Harrison Houde), “Couldn’t you have hired someone who knows the difference between a toilet and my face?” Bowie looks to Jarvis and shrugs, “I interviewed dozens of women for this position and, in the end, I chose the prettiest one,”  Really?!?! Dan Singer and Howard Nemetz who created the show aren’t being ironic in the slightest this show is horrific. The previous two lines of dialogue alone reify through Jarvis and Bowie that it’s okay to belittle your subordinates, it’s funny when those you’re belittling can’t understand you, that only women can and should be maids, and if they’re going to be maids they have to be pretty, otherwise they’re the subject of scrutiny!! Again, disgusting!! How did Netflix even pick up this show, its literally the worst thing Ive seen or that Ive almost allowed my kid to see since the 80s
age 10+

Reinforces stereotypes

Show is trash unless you like one dimensional characters and stereotypes. Great way to reinforce to our daughters that they can be smart or pretty but not both. And the acting is horrible.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 9+

Lots of sexual content for a children's show

There are comments throughout each episode that ate much to mature do younger children. For instance they mention taking of their shirts to try out a new sewing machine and they boy rapidly shakes his head "yes" and takes his mouth open when the girl asked if she can take off her shirt.

This title has:

Too much sex