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Adult Written byTommypezmaster March 6, 2009

it's "Catscratch" but for Preschoolers

I would rather watch CatDog. I would rather watch Barney & Friends. I would remove my Kidney to a sick person. Anything but this. This show is truly the poor man's Catscratch. Concepts taken at the last minute counts for a horrible story, and this show's concept is an example of one. A bunch of bad people fighting a bunch of good people? Not only has this concept been used since Ancient Times, the creators didn't put any originality into it, making it a dull world where evil stays in the wastelands while good stay in the pretty lands. I know stories that are more classic than this, but at least they have originality in them. What a cliché! Characters are unappealing and have no personalities. It's as if they're robots programmed to have one human trait. A tough talking PARROT who gets his butt handed to him every time. A naïve SQUIRREL. A smart yet graceful Female Squirrel. And let's not forget about the old and wise Gorilla-Man who is a mentor. Not only are they stereotypical, they also have unimaginable names. A Blue-Squirrel called Leon. The Monkey-man called Kyle. And of course, a Red-Squirrel called Rodney. And these are just the main protagonists. The antagonists are just as bad as their counterparts are. Kyle, the main Antagonist, is all brawn but no brains. He sounds tough, but like the Parrot, he gets his butt handed to him on some episodes. His minions, Salty Mike (The Parrot) & Oscar, are even stupider than he is. Plus, they talk slowly. But above all, the whole idea of having monkey bullies in the story is a reason to call this story derivative because of Reggie Bullnerd and his minions on Chalkzone, who, obviously, have the same name. They even look like Chalkzone's monkeys bullies except Squirrel Boy's have a higher fore-head. And last but not least, let's talk about the Ranger Stu. What Ranger? He looks more like a Depressed Gorilla than a Forest Ranger. Plus, the Ranger is the smart one of the bad guys. Another stereotypical character. only twice did I see the The Gorilla-man gets his revenge on Rodeny, but instead Kyle his minions to fight for him. At least King Dedede got his Ass up & tries to defeats Kirby. Dialogue doesn't fit with their characters. When I look at salty-Mike and imagine him talking to me, would I think of him talking in a macho voice. Hardly! A Parrot is supposed to be gentle, but instead he's out of character with his voice. Same thing for Kyle. Kyle sounds like a Squirrel and not like a monkey. Ranger Stu sounds more like a wise man than an evil villian. It looks as if the producers picked inexperienced voice actors at the last minute, making the non-characters feel akward. Artwork looks like a last minute project. For a cartoon, I sure do see that they made it look like Flash. In fact, the only thing you see is color. Colors are dull and look washed out, with no shades to provide depth to the artwork. Animation looks cheap since the characters act more stilted and robotic than actual people do. The creators must have mashed a bunch of shapes together to make a charater. Overall, the artwork is uninteresting. But the plot hurts the story the most. Let me tell you the story. What story? All it consists of "Diss & Make-Up." episodes of these, equaling of nothing. If a show is supposed to be a slacker comedy story, then show the story. Don't give me two 11-minute episodes that composed of the same plot: Rodeny & Any does something stupid; The Bullies put Rodeny into a situation; Rodney must fix the mistake and must beat Kyle and Salty-Mike; Rodeny feels foolish at the end; making him more boring; end of story. That's how some episode plays out. In other words, it's like one of those Preschool cartoons or Tak & The Power of Juju. There's no story, so we won't know if Ranger Stu will defeat the main charaters or if any of the characters die or even if there'll be a new villain. The Heors animals get beat up by the bullies until Rodeny must fix the mistake, even though Rodeny is The main charater, dumb, and inexperienced. He actually figures out how to save his friends! That's not only a cliché and makes the show even more dumb, but it makes Rodeny a Rudy Tabootie. And we know how much we hate characters like that. Squirrel Boy is like a frame story (a story within a story) like Baby Looney Tunes, but more stupid (although Baby Looney Tunes is stupid too when it comes to plot.) Overall, this show shouldn't deserve those high ratings once you think about it in a literary viewpoint. Any show (that is good), to me, is better than this. This is truly a show made at the last minute. In fact, Cartoon Network probably put this on just to fill in the time slot and make money off the viewers who don't know what makes a good story. Like I said, this is the poor man's Catscratch.
Parent Written byhgwqhge03 September 19, 2013

good grief a show even worse than My Gym Partner's A Monkey

it is a rip-off of MGPIAM but even worse it is about a boy and his pet and that is about it, I really hate Rodney, he is annoying stupid, and causes h-ll for everyone around him the only likeable character is Andy's father because I feel sorry for him because Rodney is turning his life into a living h-ll, so this show sucked and lasted for 2 seasons
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 14, 2012

This is terrible!

This is one of the worst shows i've EVER seen! The animation is ugly and the stories are lazy and dull.The show just boring and all washed up.
Parent Written byBluemario1016 March 18, 2012

Squirrel Boy is a colossal waste of time.

My 3rd review after another poorly done show: "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" Another horrible show on cartoon network. Who would want to watch this lame garbage?! This is even worse than My Gym Partner's a Monkey! Except you get a brainless squirrel instead. It's about a boy named Andy and he has a pet squirrel named Rodney. Huh? Wait, wait, wait! A pet squirrel?! That's impossible for your parents to let you have a pet squirrel in the house! I hate this show so much! This is 1000 times more pointless than My Gym Partner's a Monkey! This show is going to get an F. Here's the results: Voice acting: F 1/5 The voice acting sucks! They must have been drinking bad drugs to voice the brainless characters. Animation: F 1/5 The animation is horribly designed! It looks all suckish! It looks like a 1 year old made it. Graphics: C 3/5 The graphics are the only good part about this show. It's too bad the animation couldn't match it. Dialouge: F 1/5 What the heck?! This is one of the worst scripts they have ever made in a cartoon! Sound: D 2/5 Stupid music with bad cartoon sound effects. The sound is so bad, it's unfunny! Lasting appeal: F 1/5 This cartoon is terribly repetitive. It does not even deserve to have a video game. Overall: F 1/5 This is one of the worst things they have ever came up with. Cartoon network has got to wake up and start bringing back the classics! But, thank god, we have boomerang. A better cartoon would be The Land Before Time Series! Go watch that instead! Not this piece of crap. Burn yourself in h***, you crappy cartoon!
Adult Written byspongezim February 17, 2009

My favrote show ever

I really like this show some kids might like it some may not. There is some bad stuff in it butt it is okay.
Adult Written bytackettgibson April 9, 2008

Maybe for older children

I find this show far too obnoxious for my almost 6 year old. The langugage is too harsh, especially if you are trying to teach your kids to be polite and respectful of others. I also don't see much value in the plots beyond mindless entertainment.
Adult Written byPwnisher April 9, 2008