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Stan Against Evil

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age 15+

Please come back

Fantastic! It's so silly but that what makes it soooo funny. I just finished it and google when it be back and very sadly found out it's not returning. What a shame, it's the funniest thing I've seen in years. I am totally gutted. No more Denise what am going to do? She needs her own shows she's great
age 13+

Fun series for mature preteens who like to be a little scared.

My kids love to be scared but I don't allow them to watch very many horror flicks, mainly due to sex and intense language. Stan Against Evil is a fun, goofy (sometimes corny) comedy horror series that has no sex and no "bad" cuss words. There is violence and some gore but the mood is light. The gore is limited to demons blowing up and one person loses his head. A couple of throats are slashed. Lots of jump scares. I will allow my 13 year old to watch.