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Star Trek: Lower Decks

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Great show to watch after 90's Trek!

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Great role models
age 12+

Hilarious show, adult humor and mild language.Very good show for kids 12+
age 11+


This is funny I think you will deeply enjoy this for every age ngl
age 13+

Great show for teens!

10/10 Age range of show: 13+ Art: 10/10 Something fresh and new especially after watching so many kid's cartoons. The art is masterfully done, the animation clean cut. Scenery is quite nice. Story: 10/10 I assume in the first episode, this is everyone's first arraignment on the U.S.S. Cerritos starship. I've only seen the original Star Trek series, and I enjoy watching this. Colorful cast (racially-wise), with good storylines. [THIS SECTION MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS] D'Vana Tendi: The one who thinks things are hunky-dory. I would say naïve, but she's really smart. The medical ensign, who survives a zombie-like plague and has to squish a heart in the first episode, and handles it exceptionally well. Her boss is cool too, a cat-woman who says a lot of bleeped out curses words. Sam Rutherford: A guy who recently installed in himself cyborg parts in him, and who tries to hook up with this girl. There's some kissing involved, but the relationship doesn't go anywhere. Engineering ensign, who gets to float in space and go on a date at the same time. Beckett Mariner: A kick-butt girl who doesn't care about rank, but quality. She brakes a lot of rules, and gets away with it half the time. She knows alot about planets, and helps people aside from the mission. She had the smart idea to bait the giant spider they aggravate, but Biomler gets sucked on by it. In the end, he's safe, and when he escapes from the sleeping spider's mouth, she comforts him, after he cries. An amazing ensign, she's caring but very cool, she masters jobs well and even though people think she's screws around, she knows how to get the job done. Bradward "Brad" Biomler: Nerdy starfleet guy who knows lots about ships, and thinks the jobs are fun. He gets thing done ahead of time,and generally is a stickler for rules. He is not afraid to do anything to get promoted, and nearly reports Mariner for helping people off mission, and gets chased by a giant spider, and gets sucked on by it until it falls asleep, and then has a small mental breakdown, and cries until Mariner helps him up and gives him a farmer frock. A great ensign with purple hair. The show is overall entertaining and very aesthetically pleasing with the whole Starfleet space feel. Humor is great, a great way to introduce teens to Star Trek. The character dynamics are great, the animation and character interaction done very well. Animation is amazing, the writing done well, and it gives me something to look forward to watching with my teen siblings.