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Parent Written byDr. Michael July 12, 2011

State of Garbage

Recently I watched an episode with my wife to screen it for our middle school aged children and we were disappointed to see Ravene's character open her blouse and reveal her breast to a theater director so he would grant her a part in a play. What a message for young people: show your body parts to get what you want out of this for real? Granted, her back was too the camera, but it was implied and seen as a good thing on this show. I'm disappointed in Ravene's choice for this role, but that's hollywood and just a job probably to her. Unfortunately, I don't see this show as a harmless step up from "That's So Ravene", but rather a conditioning for parents and young people to lower the bar further until they get to hit the more crass stuff by the time their in 9th grade if they aren't regularly seeing it now. Totally not impressed with the show. It's just a reflection of how bad our entertainment business has become when a poorly written sit-com to introduce girls into more self image problems and visceral thinking can be a hit and come back for another out of work, former child star. Bill Cosby would morally decline Ravene's involvement in this one.
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Adult Written byperfectsense July 7, 2011


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