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Teen, 16 years old Written byemykat183 November 7, 2013

An amazing show with great morals and lots of love!

My young age rating isn't because I think it's bad, on the contrary, as a teenager I really like this show, and I rather have my little siblings watch this than something like 'Jake and the Neverland pirates' or *shiver* 'Yo Gaba Gaba' because this show is engaging, and it talks to kids like intelligent, and always learning human beings, which, they are.
I watched it with my 5 year old sister, my 7 year old brother, and my 9 year old brother. We all liked and enjoyed it. The younger kids can watch the bright happy colors, the silly songs, adorable jokes and characters, and be content and happy well soaking up good story, morals, and pure fun and action. The older kids can focus on the interesting story aspects, the beautiful screen art, and the great voice acting, not to mention the heart breaking backstories, something we have already seen in play from just the first few episodes. (And I can’t wait for more ^-^)
My favorite part about the show and what I’ve seen of it, is that it acknowledges certain things that kid shows don’t normally, like yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Look at Steven, his mom died and he’s being raised by his mom’s old friends because his dad is kinda a deadbeat. But Steven keeps a bright and positive attitude in the cold world. And because he smiles and loves life, and keeps moving, he always comes out saving the day. That’s an important message to send to kids who have fallen on hard times. Life is tough and scary, but life is also bright and happy, and you should love being alive no matter who you are because things will always get better, and you are important and can help things get better! Steven is an amazing role model, and the shows message is so sweet it’s almost cheesy!
But some people might be opposed to the show because of the violence, when we first meet the gems they are straight up murdering a bunch of worm monsters. Steven’s response to this is that he finds the worm monsters cool, and thinks they should keep them as pets, but then a worm monster spits an acid puddle on the floor, burning a hole that looks down in the lower levels of the building, and well, they don’t keep the monsters as pets. Would you? All the violence really seems to be directed at monsters who seek to kill, which really isn’t that bad. If anything, my younger siblings found it to be pretty awesome, as did I. However the violence is quite tame, and hardly present, and not to intense, as the monsters disappear out thin air when destroyed, and bigger monsters leave behind ‘gems’ as a sort of war prize when destroyed, but also seem to disappear.
Others may dislike the show because of the ads. And I was very nearly in that category. You see after months of awful ads depicting a horrible show by the name of ‘Uncle Grandpa’ many cn fans lost all faith in cartoon networks choice of shows. It was actually kinda insulting. You’d just get finished with a bomb shell reveal from ‘Adventure Time’ you know what I mean AT fans, those sudden shocking moments that tell you something about the characters and the overall plot that come within the last second of the episode, those ones that leave you staring at the screen wishing you could time travel to next Monday to find out what the heck just happened, but knowing in your heart that you can’t, and even if you did, you’d find that next week’s episode had nothing to do with what you just watched. Then as you’re gawking in shock at the screen, he comes out. Uncle Grandpa. “Good morning” Remember those word cn fans? I do, and I’m still annoyed when I hear them today. *sigh* I’m ranting. Back on topic, uncle grandpa came out, and I watched it just to see if maybe it was good, it wasn't. Many people had the same experience, and many lost faith that cartoon network would ever produce another good show. Then we start seeing ‘Steven Universe’ ads. Still completely hurt by uncle grandpa, I personally was wary of watching this new silly looking show, and frankly kinda scared of the now seemingly abusive relationship I have formed with cartoon network. But, when my siblings wanted to watch the show with me, I braced myself for what could possibly be another punch to the face from my favorite channel. Going in with low and hesitant expectations, I readied myself in a mental flinch. But I was pleasantly surprised. Cartoon Network, why did I ever doubt you?
So what I’m trying to say here, is watch the show, give it a chance at least! I really liked it and I think you will to! And if not, it’s still perfectly appropriate for kids of all ages, is full of good messages, and interesting stories, and of no threat to you or your family. Not to mention, it’s full of beautiful art and great characters and plot! This is emykat183, signing off and wishing you a happy viewing! ;)

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Teen, 17 years old Written byIhateyou December 5, 2013

Actual review

Emily Ashby is a biased critic, and she should be ashamed. Her review gave this show an unfair review, which is completely untrue. I'm going to give you a REAL review, unlike this horrible excuse of a critic.

Steven Universe is a cartoon about a boy named Steven, who is part of the Crystal Gems. There are three crystal gems besides Steven, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl. These characters promote DIVERSITY, not stereotypes like Emily said (btw Emily, those stereotypes are only stereotypes to you, racist. As a proud African American, I am HAPPY about the characters in this show.). Garnet is the leader of the Crystal Gems. She has a calm demeanor and is like a teacher to Steven. Pearl is the second oldest member of the Crystal Gems, and she acts as a mother to Steven. She is extremely smart and agile, and seems like a good role model for kids. Amethyst is the second youngest member of the Crystal Gems. She is like a friend or sister to Steven, and she has the most fun with him. She is a fun and easygoing character. Steven is the youngest member of the Crystal Gems. He is still young and can get himself into trouble at times, but he is also determined and caring to everybody around him. He is a good role model to younger kids.

The show itself does contain violence, but there is absolutely no blood or gore whatsoever. Most of the violence revolves around the Crystal Gems fighting monsters that threaten their town, because they are protectors of the universe. The show has great animation and plot lines that are easy for younger kids to follow, but the show also has an overarching storyline that older kids can enjoy too. I don't really get where this critic got the language and sex from, I watched 4 episodes with my 3 younger siblings and saw nothing of the sort, the show is very kid-friendly in those areas.

The only downside to this show is the fact that Steven is meant to relate to younger kids, and older kids 15+ years old might find him irritating at times.

Overall, this is a good show that deserves a higher review than it currently has. 2 stars is completely unacceptable considering the quality of this show. I would definitely recommend this show to other people, I know my siblings absolutely loved this show and they won't stop taking about it! EDIT- Oh, and I just realized Emily also said "Pulling her weapon from her cleavage" Emily, you obviously missed the point there too. She is pulling her weapon from her HEART, and no, no cleavage in the slightest is shown.

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Kid, 11 years old November 30, 2013

To whoever wrote "Don't Believe in Steven!"

Whoever said the people who watch this show are morons, I happen to have a genius IQ, and absolutley love this show. The endings are heartfelt, it has good role models, it has awesome story lines. If you want to be spiteful, go to the Uncle Grandpa page!

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Teen, 16 years old Written byDaftendirekt August 30, 2018

NOT Fine for the Christian Viewer

I'll admit, I really kind of like this show. The characters are endearing, and a lot of the messages are more or less okay. But there is an incredibly predominant homosexual agenda that doesn't bode well with Christians. The best summary I can give is "Lesbian Space Rocks".
I suppose an older viewer could enjoy Steven Universe, an impressionable child shouldn't.

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Sexy stuff
Teen, 14 years old Written bypurplelion August 9, 2014

One of the new greats in American cartoons

Okay, for starters, the CSM review here seems extremely biased, and I'll happily debunk any lies that it told in just a bit. Secondly, this show is, well, amazing. I'm not just saying that because I enjoy the show's quirky, fun sense of humor, but because it has a charming innocence to it, amazing characters [who are very diverse and unique], and a creative, engaging plot that knows when to be funny and when to be serious.
The premise is that a boy named Steven lives with three girls dubbed the 'Crystal Gems' who solve problems and battle monsters and other malicious entities in what seem to be other worlds. Steven is half crystal gem, as his mother married a human, and travels along with the three while also dealing with his own problems in his hometown of Beach City.
Let's start off with the characters. No, they aren't stereotyped. There's a difference between having character traits and being stereotyped. They are very diverse and distinctive in both race and body type - all of their designs, though heavily stylized, seem very realistic and true to the real world. For example, Pearl is a skinny character, but she's not thin and beautiful. She's just plain skinny - an average body type. Same goes for Amethyst, a fuller-figured character. It's nice to see a show that finally acknowledges that not all people are idealistic models. But I'm not here to rave about that character designs. The characters themselves are great! Pearl, while I expected just the opposite, is a very strong, loving, and somewhat awkward mother figure, especially for Steven whose mother is apparently deceased. She tries her hardest to be mature and level-headed, but does loose her temper at times - but she is never mean-spirited and always carries good intentions. Amethyst is a snarky, fun-loving and slightly immature girl, and is very realistic in that she can be kinda selfish at times but always learns her lesson, and is really just joking around most of the time. She is a great friend to Steven and their interactions seem very real. Garnet is a stoic, though she does have quite the sense of deadpan humor to her, making for a very unique character. She remains calm and composed for the most part, but isn't emotionless, and it's very clear she cares about the other characters. And then there's Steven himself, who I'd say is one of the most realistic child characters I've seen for a long while. He's loud, overdramatic, and very innocent and accepting. He's always looking on the bright side of things. Overall, all of this shows character's are very believable, and the three crystal gems are extremely strong and unique female leads.
The overall message of the story is a highlight, too. The message of the show is that imperfections are okay, as they're what make us unique. The show focuses on Steven messing things up, but in the end everybody is okay with it and very accepting of his actions, as they realize it's only human to make mistakes. I think this is an amazing moral for kids and even adults, because many of us live in fear of making mistakes and miss out on big opportunities because of it.
I must take a minute to talk about the animation and sound here. It's absolutely stunning from every angle. The art direction is gorgeous, with very brightly-colored characters and watercolor-like pastel backgrounds, all of which are beautifully executed and really help set up the fun, wimsical mood this show sets up. The animation itself is very fluid and expressive and very fun to watch. The music is gorgeous, and puts up a surreal air to the show with it's soft hums and whirs. It can be bright and peppy, though, if it needs to. The voice acting is also superb, with each voice actor obviously getting into their role. It doesn't seem like somebody voicing the characters, it seems like those would be their actual voices because the acting is just so believable. I especially praise Connie's actor for being able to express emotions with a life-like intensity and realism.
The only problem you may have with the show is the violence and scary scenes; while violence is not frequent it can get pretty intense, but is always pulled off very seriously and is never a joke [except in milder cases where no injuries are suffered]. For example, *spoiler* in one episode, Pearl is stabbed through the stomach with a sword. There is no blood, but it is clearly shown and we get a few prolonged shots of her while impaled, and is very intense because of how sudden it is. This is played very seriously and with a lot of emotion, and is the main plot point of the episode. *spoiler end* The violence is nothing more mature kids shouldn't be able to handle, though. There are some more intense, though non-violent, scenes, including more than a few scenarios where it genuinely seems like a character is going to die soon [See the episode 'So Many Birthdays' for an example]. Sometimes these are sad, others suspenseful, but the characters always pull through by the end.
I higly recommend this show to anybody who has cartoon network on their television, and it is one of the channel's true greats.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byreviewsforkidzz494 May 7, 2020

15 and up for sure not appealing to the christian eye at all!

As soon as I saw my younger brother watch it I just thought it had a little but of lesbian/gay vibes to it. Which is not really good for kids while they are growing up! It has got lots of lesbian and gay looking scenes. I recommend it to an audience that is old enough to understand that stuff . I do not think some kids parents would like them watching that. My mom isn't a huge fan, kids shouldn't really be exposed to it especially if their parents are christian and their parents want their to grow up the christian lifestyle. You would expect children television series to be suitable for all kids all ages and religions, not this one! Not appealing to the christian eye at all!

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Teen, 14 years old Written byXxJackiskoolXx January 4, 2016

Y do people like this show

This show when it first came out I was exited for. How wrong could I be. Steven is highly annoying and I find myself in every episode being bored to tears. There is never any funny moments that are actually funny. It seems to me that every episode is about friendship or something dull like that. Don't watch this boring and annoying show.
Teen, 14 years old Written bysillysasha123 June 20, 2015

A work of art

This show is absolutely beautiful. It perfectly embodies a coming of age story as Steven not only grows and learns more about his identity as a gem, but comes closer to the other Crystal gems as a family. There is a lot of depth to the show, and very complicated situations with long, sad backstories, which contributes to the amount of FEELS!! Great show... just exellent. The second best thing on CN aside from Adventure time, or maybe they are tied.
Pearl is awesome!

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Teen, 17 years old Written byS.D.Reviewer9 March 13, 2014

A breath of fresh air

I was extremely disappointed by the official review for this series, as I feel it misinterprets all of the positive messages that should've been fairly obvious and gives an unfair impression of the show as a whole. Every single character is unique in body type and personality, most noticeable with the three female "Gems". The varying body shapes strike me instead as a message of diversity, defying the standard of typical cookie-cutter character designs, presenting their differences as a completely natural reality. No one comments about how fat or thin the characters are, or if their hips are wide, or if their lips are plump. It isn't pointed out, it's simply allowed to be, and everyone coexists peacefully despite obvious physical differences, just like they should. There's no stereotyping so much as there is merely a diversity in physical appearance, which if anything is a positive message to spread for children. To deny the existence of plump lips or portly body figures is, if anything, the most insulting thing possible for those who have them. Go tell someone in real life how you feel bad for them having plump lips and say that they should've been made differently. See how they react.

Now that I've offered my two cents on the "exaggerated stereotypical markers", this show is definitely so far a shining example of everything a cartoon should be. It's appealing to children but can also be enjoyed by adults. Kids should have a lot of fun with Steven's misadventures and parents, along with older viewers, will find that despite the seemingly simplistic nature of the series, there's actually a lot of very subtle touches that make it so much more interesting than at face value. It's clear that a huge amount of effort is put into each episode. It hits all the highs and lows of an emotional rollercoaster, which is crucial for making the audience not only enjoy the show, but feel for the show. If there's nothing but sunshine and humour, the happiness feels flat. If there is nothing but unhappiness and jerks for characters, viewers feel nothing but apathy. A perfect example of this cartoon's astonishing emotional depth is the recent episode "So Many Birthdays". It's one that adults will understand better than kids, but contains so many moments of humour, heartwarming, and soul-crushing sadness that it is definitely worth an open-minded watch.

What definitely sells the show for me is the characters. They are all fantastically written. Definitely the crown jewel in this regard are the three female Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. As mentioned above, they have completely different designs and personalities, but a huge part of the fun comes from seeing them play off one another and Steven himself. All of them play different roles in the life of their young ward, helping him in different ways and guiding him with their personally distinct methods. They're a team of fantasy-like warriors that protect humanity from perils, usually Gem monsters. Garnet is the stoic leader, a figure of calm stability and silent wisdom, yet the very rare occasion she shows emotional vulnerability adds another layer of depth to her character. Amethyst is wild and carefree, acting as an irresponsible yet fun-loving sister figure for Steven. She's rude, coarse, and a bit portly, but she doesn't care what others think of her and doesn't feel the need to conform to anyone's standards to feel accepted. Pearl is uptight and strict, but also very motherly and gentle to Steven and seems to act as a stand-in for his own deceased mother, Rose Quartz. She's the intellectual, often coming with plans against enemies, but isn't always above it all, especially when dealing with her polar opposite Amethyst. What I found very interesting about Pearl in particular was her ability to be stuck-up, yet be completely justified for it anyways. She'll freak out and get overprotective of Steven, but its always when there's a genuine risk to his safety, and she isn't a killjoy just for the sake of being one. Steven himself is definitely also a very refreshing character in recent cartoon history. He's a young boy that is by no means perfect, is plump without being self-conscious, and tends to screw things up for his sister-figures with his childishness, but by all means always has his heart in the right place. More remarkable is the fact that he's a young boy who idolizes and strives to be like three older female role models, who despite being very powerful and beat up monsters daily, are unquestionably feminine. I can't immediately think of any cartoon premise that has a young boy looking up to women, but can think of plenty examples where a young girl will look up to a male role model. While not wrong, it's definitely reassuring to finally see a reverse of the common scenario.

The reason why I can't consider any of these characters stereotypes is because, taken from the Oxford dictionary, stereotyping is "A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing". All the characters clearly have tons of depth to them and cannot be defined by a mere few attributes, which is remarkable considering that the time of writing, this series has only had fourteen episodes thus far.

The setting of the series takes place in a small town by the beach side, appropriately named "Beach City", but occasionally we get reminded of the fantastical locations that also exist when the Gems go off on their missions. So far, it only adds more mystery to the story universe and can breed some very interesting theories. The Gems themselves are certainly quite mysterious in their backstories. There are still many questions waiting to be answered, such as what are the Gems exactly and are they the only ones left? If they are, where did all the others go? This can definitely be intriguing for older viewers to consider, and the mystery builds suspense while small bits of info are dropped casually across the episodes.

As for violence, it's definitely there, but I find it relatively tame, especially compared to super hero cartoons. The first episode consists of some combat against a hoard of over-sized centipedes, but the battle is bloodless and the creature disappear into smoke upon defeat. "Teen Titans" is another example of a well done cartoon, but it had far more violence, yet I remember both myself and my friends being unfazed by it when I was in second grade. In short, there is violence, but hardly anything too excessive, unless you have issue with your child seeing even the slightest hint of physical combat.

Steven Universe, from what has been seen so far, is a stellar example of a well-done show. It's definitely a jewel among the disappointing wrecks for cartoons that have emerged in recent years and harkens back to a period of time to cartoons that were almost universally considered to be fantastic. It's deep, emotional, bright, subtle, humorous, colourful, well-animated, well-realized, and a perfect example of a cartoon that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I strongly suggest looking past its colourful and silly exterior and to give it an open-minded watch right next to your kids. You might be surprised at how much you'll enjoy it.

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Teen, 14 years old Written bykinx November 25, 2013

A Truly Wonderful Thing

Steven Universe, despite the unfair review, is a truly incredible show, teaching incredibly open-minded, good ideals. Unlike many children's shows, it includes not only one, but *three* strong female characters, and a young boy who actually looks up to these girls. As well, all three of these women have different body types, promoting body-positive thinking. In my honest opinion, I think Common Sense Media was grasping at straws about Garnet's afro and body type, or Amethyst's lips, clothes, and personality. Amethyst's lips are, I assume, just a choice made by the designers, and the fact that they are "over-plumped" actually holds no weight? Some people just have fuller lips. That's just the way it is. Her personality is, while brash and childish, another design choice, as is the same with Garnet.

Steven Universe is the one of the only cartoons in existence to have three completely different, strong female characters that all have their own style, body-type, and personality, and yet are all three still considered good characters--and here's the best part: they all three aren't just there to be love interests. They're actually relevant. And *that* is hard to come by.

Also I'm sorry but that "sexual innuendo" is literally the hollowest thing I have *ever* heard.

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Kid, 12 years old April 25, 2016


What you should know about this cartoon is that it's going to be more appreciated by pre-teens and up, like gravity falls ( which is just as good, too bad it's over). It has so surprisingly dark moments, and sometimes has whole episodes which feel like a miny horror movie. (Frybo still scares me...) It also has great action, characters and as scary as this show can be it is all about loving unconditionally, no matter what. It is the only cartoon that regularly brings a tear to my eye, and makes me want to love everyone (which is not something I can do). I don't always cry for sadness, sometimes for just how the show gives me a sense of human warmth, and that alone is worth crying about. Another bonus is that the leader of the crystal gems is a lesbian black women and she is still a favourite of the fandom! Also I dont care what the fan base is like so don't call me out on it. Anyway, see what I mean about how it handles love? It puts lesbian couples in the show as a part of everyday life! I love it for that. Cannot recommend enough.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byJeff_ZombieHunter September 21, 2014


Ever since I started watching Steven Universe I can't stop watching it. With Rebecca Sugar being the creator along with an amazing cast this show has lovely artwork, beautiful scenery, great songs and music, creative characters, and a astonishing story. I would rather the children of today to watch this rather than "Jessie" or "Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures" . Although many may state that some subtle couples ( Pearl+Garnet ) are lesbians, they are incorrect, Rebecca Sugar herself said that Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are gender-less. Although adults claim that it has stereotypical characters, the show really contains weird and rare character. Many Disney and Nickelodeon shows these days contain perfect, beautiful characters these days, Steven Universe shows children that the real beauty is on the inside. I highly recommend it! :)

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Teen, 14 years old Written byMrpopuniverse April 10, 2016

It awesome!

Best way good friends

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Kid, 11 years old March 24, 2015

This Show is AWESOME!!!!!!

This show is the best! Steven is so optimistic in situations and always can cheer someone up. I do, have to say there is some tragic back-stories, though Steven always finds a way to cheer up that person. Pearl is like a motherly figure to Steven (along with the other gems). Although Steven's Dad's life is sorta bad he always cheers up when he sees Steven. Steven believes in himself and everyone. Not really to much violence but once Steven got a black eye (wasn't that much). Also Steven and Connie have a relationship but as just friends (not as what the shippers think). Over all it's a great show that will give you the feels. Bueckat1 signing out!

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Teen, 15 years old Written bycanned coelacanth March 13, 2015

Steven Universe is my hero

One of my favorite tropes is the "people from diverse and sometimes conflicting backgrounds become family" trope, and I think the heart of Steven Universe is just that: family. A family that is battered, bruised, and damaged in ways invisible to the naked eye (or invisible to a inexperienced child like Steven,) but never broken.

You can tell the show was made with plenty of love, and while it is a comedy, the characters are never treated like one-dimensional stereotypes. The titular protagonist, Steven (voiced by the incredible Zach Callison,) is a young half-human half-gem boy. He's enthusiastic, unabashedly emotional, sees the best in people (in his own words "I like everyone!") and has a very loving relationship with his father and his adopted sisters/mothers - the Crystal Gems.

SPOILERS (I have seen the entirety of season 1): The Crystal Gems are anthropomorphic gemstones from an alien planet. The Gems have been referred to as "women" in various reviews, but the creators of the show have said they are "non-binary" which means they don't subscribe to any gender (which makes a ton of sense, as they are literally living gemstones, not humans. Anyway, yay for non-binary representation!) Though they still use she/her pronouns.

Of the Gems, there is Garnet - the tall, mysterious, stoic, afro-sporting de facto leader, Pearl - the worry-prone, brainy, surprisingly emotional ballerina looking one, and Amethyst - the short, impulsive, scrappy purple one with long hair. All the voice acting is top notch, and a recent episode delving in to the relationship between Steven's mother - Rose Quartz - and Pearl allowed Deedee Magno (Pearl's voice actress) to display an awe inspiring amount of nuance and pathos. I'd give her an award if I could.

Anyway, the show revolves around Steven learning about his gem powers, and the adventures he goes on. It's quirky, fun, and has plenty to offer for everyone (my mom and nephew watch the show with me!) Steven Universe starts off light, but gets progressively heavy as Steven learns about his mother (who gave up her corporeal form to give birth to him), how his family members have been dealing with his mother's "death", and the checkered history of the Gems, who have been alive for THOUSANDS of years.

The interactions between all the characters are great. There are misunderstandings, fights, and frequent conflicts, but always always love. Steven doesn't always understand what's going on, and the Gems don't always give the best guidance, but real relationships are flawed like that, you know? Throughout the series, we learn along with Steven about the world and about himself. His innate goodness, his love, never ceases to inspire me and those around him.

TL, DR: It's easy to be jaded and cynical, it's much harder to hope and love. And while altruism and friendship are values frequently extolled in children's shows, Steven's inextinguishable optimism never feels trite or patronizing. It feels radical. It feels necessary. It feels universal. My hero.

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Teen, 16 years old Written byexplosivewasabi January 20, 2014

This show is a gem!

Anyone who is criticizing this show based off of misrepresentation is clearly missing the purpose of the show. The show makes the best attempt of any cartoon yet, to represent everyone. The differences in body type, so called "stereotypes", are not as they seem. By representing a slender woman, a curvy woman and strongly built woman, the show is representing the children that are in the audience! The protagonist, Steven, is by no means slender, and yet that does not draw away any of his heroic qualities! Amethyst's loudness is not at all meant to be seen as a flaw it is meant to be admired by those girls who are too afraid to speak. Garnet's afro is not meant to be a stereotype, and this coming from a POC who lacks natural hair, it is meant to represent those women in this new day in age who are proud of their natural hair. It is no coincidence that Garnet's gem is in her fist because she is strong and meant to represent the silent strength and beauty. Pearl's intelligence is not masked because of her gender, nor is her beauty taken away by her short hair. This show, is a GEM in itself. Three women working together to guide a young boy. Teaching boys that they can admire strong, intelligent, outspoken women is something I hope all cartoons strive for.

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Teen, 16 years old Written byMrMovieBuff January 18, 2014

What crudity? I don't see any!

This show is great. When I saw the promo for it, it seemed pretty cool. The night it aired, I went to Wendy's for dinner. I enjoyed my baconator, fries, and Coke. When I got home, I watched the first 2 episodes, and they were excellent! The animation was so colorful I couldn't take my eyes off it. The acting was also pretty good. The theme song was nice as well. The plot is nice and creative. The characters are cool and the humor is hysterical! Good job Cartoon Network.
Kid, 11 years old June 5, 2016

Amazing show!

This show is really good! though it's very funny, it can be a bit creepy or scary. It does have a lot of fighting but there is no blood or anything. The crystal gems are good role models for the most part, but not really Amethyst. I recommend this show.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byComputrWiz July 31, 2015

This show is not for little children. It is a show for growing up.

I advise parents that truly are concerned about what their young kids watch and are aware that their kids are watching this show watch the following episodes during their off time. They are only 10 minutes long.

-Maximum Capacity
-Story for Steven
-Onion Friend

and if you really have time on your hands: -Island Adventure and -Frybo

Once you have seen those episodes, then you can form your own opinion.

First of all, this show is a great show. It reveals the harshness of reality in a way no other show has. It also has a great story, clever references for parents...

(-"I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain" (Prince, Purple Rain)

-"I only wanted to see you laughing in the pizza rain" (Buck Dewey, Steven Universe)

...and very subtle hints that keep you guessing throughout the show. With that said, Steven Universe IS NOT A SHOW FOR LITTLE KIDS. This show contains mature issues and themes that kids should be aware of, but at a certain age. Take the relationship between Amethyst, Pearl and Greg as an example. Throughout the show, Amethyst and Pearl had a grudging relationship with Steven's dad, Greg. Most audiences believed it was simply because Greg was immature and appeared irresponsible, but later in the show it is revealed that both have their own reasons for being uncomfortable with his dad. Amethyst's reason has its own episode dedicated to it and it is quite strong for young children. This episode is called "Maximum Capacity". I advise parents watch this episode by themselves and see how they used innocent ideas to cover mature themes. Pearl on the other hand is quite a different story. Pearl had deep (and possibly intimate) feelings for Steven's mom, this theme is shown throughout the later episodes of the show with no subtlety whatsoever.

Plus, Steven Universe has some scenes in it that young children simply should not watch period.

With that in mind this show deals with themes that kids of a certain level of maturity should be aware of such as:

-How politics work
-Broken homes
-Counting your blessings
-The idea that "You always have a choice in your life"
-Love and how it really works
-Material things don't last
-The difference between love and infatuation
-The world is not always a happy place
-The issue with taking things to the extreme
-The power of optimism

and many more.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written byEmmuflix January 11, 2015

I love it and I disagree 100% with this review.

I am upset by the bias and uninformed review. The reviewer obviously only watched the first episode. I am surprised it got a higher rating than uncle grandpa.

This show is appropriate, and has good messages and great models. Steven, the protagonist, is unique and goes through everyday situations, as well as magical ones. There are sad and scary moments throughout the show to give it depth and emotion. I LOVE the artists who created the show. The made me want to be an animator someday. There is a unique and diverse arrangement of characters who each have their own story and message. Even the girl who is," obese and crude and a bad role model," is an great role model. She's confident, optimistic, and independent. She's also very supportive and helpful.

When I first saw the commercials when it was a new show, I despised it. But now I love it and so does my dad and little sisters. I feel letting them watch this is giving them good examples and helping them grow to be better people.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models