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Parent Written byktbuddah August 30, 2012

Not for younger ages

I think Strawberry Shortcake (the character) is really nice and she's a great role model but the show itself isn't for kids younger than three. The show's basic plot is always Strawberry's friends acting bratty and obnoxious for one reason or another and then Strawberry comes in during the last three minutes and provides a moral lesson and basically tells her friends to stop acting poorly because of X,Y,Z. My daughter (2.5) LOVES the show but she's too young to understand the broad lesson so she's just left watching a bunch of bossy, feet stomping, rude characters. (Don't get me wrong, there's nice ones in there too and the characters always end up improving.) However, two year olds are complete sponges on a very simple level so when misbehavior lies at the forefront of the plot, this is the "take home," regardless of the lesson. We stopped watching it (despite my daughter's favoritism) and returned to PBS.
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Adult Written byamandakhirsch August 30, 2016

Totally empty calories

I watched one episode with my daughter and it was totally inane and devoid of substance. Would much rather have her watch one of the shows she loves that actually teach her something -- like Super Why, or Umi Zoomi .
Parent of an infant, 2, 5, and 10 year old Written byAG Fan Parent January 29, 2013

Amazing, a must-watch for any small child or even older child!

I cannot have enough praise for this show. My 2-year-old and 5-year-old are both in love with everything to do with this, however that is the old version, from 2003. I have seen the new version and am pretty disgusted with it, but the amazing episodes from 2003-2007(?) are so worth watching. My 10-year-old also loved them from about ages 2-7, and will still (though she won't admit it) watch them with her little sisters. While the show is, naturally, rather cheesy, the message is good and it tells the stories in a good manner and isn't just all that friendship stuff you get on most little kid TV. All of the episodes are on Netflix, and I would reccomend the first two seasons. After that, the episodes can be a bit jumbly since there's new characters and continuation of plots and stuff that can be confusing. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the characters that come on after that. All of the original characters are favourites of my little ones, and they both adore Custard the most of the pets. Really, they get so much out of this I don't even mind letting them watch several episodes in a row, which is rare for me! This is definitely a much watch for any kid 2-6, maybe even older! My newborn even likes this show, though I think it's more that she likes the music and stuff then the actual show. She is, after all, only two months old!
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Too much consumerism
Parent of a 6, 9, and 14 year old Written byAbby3 April 22, 2011

Great movie!

Great movie for little ones! My 6 year old loves it! I recommend this for everyone! Very cute!
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Parent of a 4 and 7 year old Written byCourtneydes February 18, 2011

great for Kindergarten, 1st grade

This is a good step up from the typical preschool shows (Dora, Fresh Beat,etc). My first grader can easily identify the issues that come up (leaving people out, bullying etc) that have happened at school. Also while it is clearly showing the correct moral choice it is not as simplified as the young preschool shows like Dora. My only complaint is that the channel we have it on shows 3 commercials during the show itself. My 4 year old also watches the show but I have to be more clear with her that the bad behavior modeled is actually bad and not something that we should do. I don't believe there is a lot of age appropriate shows out there for the young elementary set, and this is a good one for girls.
Adult Written byBaliMom April 23, 2009

A bit sappy perhaps, but great lessons on friendship

I have fairly limited access to children's television fare where I live, mostly through DVD's I have been able to get hold of. So I get to know a few episodes of a few series' really, really well. Strawberry Shortcake happens to be one that I can find DVD's for here. When it comes to lessons about caring for each other and being a good friend, this show has given me something to talk about twith my daughter. I love it that you can see changes in the characters as the story progresses. Peppermint Piece (is that her name,? I hear it with an Indonesian translation, so I am never sure if I hear it correctly) learns about playing fair, or being accepting of other people's differences. Angel Cake learns that she doesn't always have to be perfect to have fun. Even Strawberry herself, who usually has it all together gets discouraged sometimes, but picks herself up and goes on. Dora the Explorer is great for a more academic focus (although admitedly sometimes annoying after a while). Backyardigans is fantastic in encouraging imagination, movement and singing. Strawberry is my pick for providing a setting where little girls learn about caring and friendship. By the way, in spite of all the commerialism around Strawberry, my daughter only has raincoat with the redhead on it. :)