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Adult Written byRevolver147 April 9, 2008

Has the look of a winner if given enough time to develop.

The story set up was laid out very nicely, grabbed my attention right up front. The characters all seem to have the potential to carry several story lines and appear able to hold our interest. If the network allows this show to develop an audience it has the potential to become a winner.
Adult Written byfrankvfanelli April 9, 2008

Sorkin Soars

I have now watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip about 5 times now (Gotta love TiVo)! It is everything I expected from the West Wing creator and his colleague Tommy Schalamme. It has the look, feel and quality I have missed from Sorkin since he left the WW. However, it has a freshness about it that does not make it seem like a re-tread of his former shows. The ensemble cast was well chosen which makes it appear they have been working together longer than the time it took to shoot the pilot. The Perry-Whitford pairing is a match made in heaven, but the addition of Peet between them hints the potential for a Sorkinesque banter/love triangle; which is going to make some great television! My hope is that it is not too smart and cutting edge for the dumbed down Reality Television viewer (Project Runway notwithstanding); A point made on by Hersch's character I might add. This is one to watch!
Parent Written byKluc February 29, 2016


I think this is dumb I had said many times I knew my husband was watching a show n some of the things didn't make sense now I know!!
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Too much consumerism
Adult Written byjarvis100 April 9, 2008

A Runaway Season

The show is going to be a big hit, you can tell. With the great cast (Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet) it can't go wrong. Now don't be fouled by the commericals, it is not all funny. It is mostly drama, with a few splashes of comedy in it that fit perfectly. A must see!