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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

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age 13+

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen

This show is incredible and I love it with all my heart. It deserves more attention and I can’t believe it only had one season. Maybe that’s just because I want to work in TV when I’m older. Anyway, onto my age review. Studio 60 is fast paced, so younger (and some older) viewers might miss some details. It also deals with some more mature topics, for instance, there’s an Afghan terrorism storyline in the last few episodes. The last few episodes are actually more serious and mature than the others in general, actually. Oh, and two main characters struggle(d) with drugs at one point or another. There are a couple of storylines that involve sexual themes. Two characters have an on-and-off relationship which is focused on quite a bit. One character falls in love with another. Both storylines have their ups and downs. The language isn’t too bad; nothing you wouldn’t hear on any other modern network TV show. The humor is dry, but is definitely still there. (Some parts of episode 16 are some of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.) As for consumerism, well, there’s not much, but who really cares about that in the first place? (Well, I’m sure a lot of people do, honestly.) Putting aside the few bad things I mentioned, the characters are decent role models. They work hard and stand up for what they believe in, some ultimately quitting their jobs because of it. While they sometimes make bad decisions, their intentions are almost always good at heart. The messages are good, too. For all the reasons I listed above, I believe Studio 60 is for kids 13+, but if your kid is younger but mature, it’s really your choice. I think if you watch it, you’ll really enjoy it.
age 13+

Mostly good, a little overdrawn.

Some mature subject matter makes it 13+, nothing really explicit or inappopropriate for the intended audience.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
Great messages
Great role models