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Awesome - a Modern day ZOOM

This show is almost all material sent in by viewers, and that's why it's reminiscent to the 70s PBS gem "ZOOM". The presenters are excellent. It is designed to empower preschoolers and was the most successful children's programme on Sprout from 2007 to 2017. This is no surprise to me since I love it. Sometimes there is a crossover with a Sprout show such as Sesame Street, Barney, The Wiggles, or the Good Night Show, or guest stars like Michelle Obama or Faith Evans. "Sunny Side Up" will probably be enjoyed by kids from 0 to 7 and it better prepares children academically than "Sesame Street", "Mister Rogers", or "Bear in the Big Blue House". Seriously, however, I'll admit it wasn't too bad, for the wee set. I believe that just about any live-action kids show, will always be compared to "ZOOM." Both this show and many like it, combined puppets with humans, and some an important lesson, or two. However, "ZOOM," a show with bigger funding and larger market appeal, seemed a much better produced product. But "ZOOM" didn't have Kelly, Carly, Sean, Dennisha, Liz, and Kevin!

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Great messages
Great role models
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age 2+

Perfect for younger kids, but may be boring for older ones

I like this show even though I am not a preschooler. I watched it when my little sister does. She's actually got her name mentioned. Chica is adorable! They do talk about going to their website but it is only for giving a message or what not to be seen on air.

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Too much consumerism
Educational value
Great messages
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Not appropriate for under 8

Off- 0-7 Iffy- 8-9 On- 10 and older
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all ages

it's for all ages but teens can't watch Todays Birthdays because they're getting too old or young to have their birthdays on sprout. can only go on up to 13.