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Adult Written byGabzgirl June 23, 2009

Love it

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper force Go is a guarantee show for children or anybody for that matter looking for a deeper understanding in a cartoon series than most animated television shows nowadays. Unlike "Cartoon network" animated shows that have tons of mindless scenes; containing unnecessary 'pre-teen' matters, state of undress, absolutely no climax to its storyline, and characters that are pointless and disgusting! The main characters in this show have quality traits and colorful personalities that make each of them different from each other while they look alike, which teaches views to be unique no matter what. While on other shows whose appearance can be tasteless and behavior that just tries too hard to show comic relief but fail at proving mediocrity. There is something very unique about this show and that is ingenuity, something that most modern animated shows lack and that is admirable in many ways to this series that has won the hearts of many fans, despite age. Honestly there is no need to cancel a good show when clearly there are far more badly influenced shows that can be put off for good. If you pay close attention the main characters spend little of their time fighting ‘unconsciously’ as I hear people say and more development into understanding science fiction, fantasy and the value between good versus evil. Chiro, a young boy who is insightful, a bold leader with a good heart yet still acts like the good aged boy he is made to be. Antauri, the black now silver monkey, immensely sensible giving his teammates words of wisdom when in doubt and shows that there will always be justice when all situations seem at a loss. Otto, green monkey, the team mechanic whose intellect in engineering is outstanding despite in some fictional references, his wittiness gives this show more comedy relief and shows his personality optimistic in bad cases. Mr. Hal Gibson, the blue monkey, he is a math and science wiz who helps calculate in logic forms what to do in a situation giving views large vocabulary understanding while also showing comedy relief giving him a unique stability in the team. SPRX-77, the red monkey, a comedian at most times has a personality most boys would show off to , cares deeply for his teammates and shows multiple attitudes giving him a unique personality of ‘cool’ as well as giving many hints of romance to his love interest Nova. Nova, yellow monkey and the only female, spunky and tough she shows off that girls’ too can be best friends with boys as well as be equals, she is fierce but gentle and tenderly loving at times showing her feminine side. On the side note they as well have unique talents and abilities from their inner powers which are different from warfare, how they socialize with each other is entertaining none the less. Overall this show is very creative, heroic, and spontaneous in every episode, a show that is like no other and stimulates the young imagination to give you ideas you might never have had before. Putting off a good show tells viewers that it’s not good enough, which tells the young public that imagination and creativity is limited. Each character gives a sense of teamwork when working together, and teaches viewers how teamwork can go oh so far and that there is certainly no ‘I’ in joint effort. And show that monkeys can too be a cool animal ;)
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Adult Written byflharrison April 9, 2008
Parent of a 7 year old Written bySongbird21 April 9, 2008

A show my whole family loves.

I was reading the CSM review of the show and I gotta say, your reviewer either didn't watch the show or is blind. "the plots hopelessly confusing and lacking in any kind of continuity." Are you LOOPED??? It's got a great contiguous plotline. Next time try btohering with it for more than 2 or 3 episodes. and if the storyline confuses you then you have a few braincells missing. My 5 YEAR OLD daughter gets it!
Adult Written byJRjab April 9, 2008

What a great show!

The author of the CSM review clearly hasn't seen more than a couple of episodes of this show. When I first saw SRMTHG, I thought the show was similar to the other mindless, good vs. evil cartoons that are out there. But after a couple of episodes, I quickly saw that this show was much, much deeper. The Disney version of a polar good v. evil universe is turned upside down as the characters evolve and change over time, representative of a more real world. If you are a parent reading this review, the evolving show might be a little complicated for your younger child, but any teenager would find this engaging. This plot line is so complex, that it’s sometimes hard to follow unless you watch the shows in the linear fashion, and it's too bad this show has not yet been released in a DVD format. Unfortunately Disney has just recently canceled SRMTHG and is only running syndicated episodes, leaving the fifth and final season unproduced and the audience hanging on the edge of their seats. Hopefully, Disney will soon change their mind, or possibly another network will take up the slack, *cough * Cartoon Network.
Adult Written bySkeeve July 6, 2010

An excellent series

The show is full of excellent messages about moral and ethical questions that are hardly, if ever, examined in other children's shows. While the plot may be a bit difficult, it is a breath of fresh air in a day and age where the deepest message is 'Teens lives are complicated'. While, yes, the show has violence it also shows that the violence has consequences, as opposed to a lot of other cartoons where they come out completely unscathed after a nuclear bomb. There is continuity, and if Disney would renew the license you would see that. It is hardly just "shooting things and blowing them up" as was stated. Yes, it is a lot like other shows from the good ol' days, because that is the point. It is supposed to reference many old shows, including the PPG, not to mention Power Rangers. The creator intended this, and has stated they are a huge influence on the show's overall design. Antauri, one of the main team, is constantly giving wise advice including 'facing your fears' and 'humanity is mostly good' which, I believe, are some extremely important lessons. I have seen many other shows that rise to immense popularity that are incredibly mindless with little to no plot, no moral lessons, no ethical dilemmas addressed and horrible animation to boot. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! is one of the deepest shows I have ever tuned into. I am a very critical person, so this fact rather a miracle. Sure, it has a few plot hiccups, but what show doesn't? Certainly, I would not recommend it to very little children, but to blatantly accuse it of being nothing but shooting things is nothing short of silly. It is something I would have watched over and over again as a young girl, if it had been around at that time. It appeals to many people of many ages, as there are different layers to every scene. The retro-gaming is fun for adults, the bright colors and heroics are fun for younger children and the lessons are fun for all. I've overcome a few of my own issues by thinking to myself 'Hey, there was an episode that dealt with this. What did they do?' and it worked wonders. This show is incredible and does not deserve such a harsh criticism.
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Adult Written byEternal-Fire-Goddess April 9, 2008
Adult Written byNetbug009 April 9, 2008

Stands Out

There are LOTS of kid's action shows out there, but this one makes a statement. The writing is well done, the characters are great, and small lessons for kids find their way into the mix. Yes, there is some violence, but the story isn't centered around that most of the time. It's just a good story that kids will love.
Adult Written byhyperz12 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bydarklourd April 9, 2008

The Hyperforce without Plotline?

What is wrong with people this days? I think a review must be after seeing more than 2 episodes, the plotline is more complex than lots of other cartoons thant parents call with a story. My Gym Partner's a Monkey... pfff now thats a show without a plotline and no sence, something is happening really bad on the cartoons this days, the writers didnt had a childhood or what?, SRMTHFG! is one of the only shows out there that make the difference between a good cartoon and a silly one. Violence? Did you seen blood or body parts out of its place in this show? Children see more violence on 6 news for 15min than in the whole show. "It's less creative than Powerpuff Girls and lacks that program's humor, jokey attitude, and its arguable message of gender equality." Ha! I laugh more at this show than all those cartoons. Parents think that this show have lack of values... Friendship (how the monkey care each other), Morals (Antauri life lessons to Chiro) , chosing the rigth path (The Chiro, the SK and the Worm), Facing Problems (The decitions that Chiro had to take all alone and certainly Love (Sparx&Nova and Chiro&JinMay pairings). No matter what people think about this show, its one of the best done. If u want to see a really silly, non sence and without plot cartoon, go to see the Powerpuff girls i recommend it to being a really dumb person.
Adult Written byFoxTails April 9, 2008

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go is an AWESOME show.

I have read the two adult reviews that have been posted so far. I completely disagree. Yes, I'm only tweleve. Not to be rude, but I can still see that the reviews most likely only watched a few episodes, and some of the lesser quality ones at that. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go has a weird title. That's obvious- but you can't judge the show by that. Teamwork is stressed in every episode, and lessons ARE learned- and not the same ones nearly every other show nowadays spouts. There IS violence- we can't ignore that fact- but what action/adventure show doesn't? And the violence is NOT what the show is all about. Even in the action scenes, there's humor. The plots are different- They aren't your everyday action/adventure episodes. They're deep and well-thought out, and if you actually WATCH the show they would make perfect sense. The characters have many layers and aren't one-sided like an abundance of cartoon characters. They have appealing personalities- faults and all- that people can actually RELATE to. I could go on and on and on about how much I like this show, (but I think I may have all ready... oops...) but I'm going to wrap it up. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go is an AWESOME show. Take it from a kid who ACTUALLY watches it- it's creative, funny, great for all ages (kids and adults alike) and definitely NOT all about 'shooting things and blowing them up'. Look beyond the strange title and the cybernetic monkeys give it a try! You won't regret it.
Adult Written bySilver Wings April 9, 2008

Best show ever watched!

Power Puff Girls, are you kidding me? First of all Power Puff Girls followed no plotline or storyline. This follows a plotline and storyline. They don't just blow things up, they help others and learn important things like, self-confidence, caring for others, facing fears and other things that help children and teens such as myself. People have their opoinons yes, but not everyone feels that way about the show. Take the opoinon from someone who does parents, the show is awesome and help children learn not to be scared of things and to face thoughs fears.
Adult Written byThe Sound Ninja April 9, 2008